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While Santa's elves might be busy making toys, Skara's gamedevs have been busy working on our new build. This is going to be fantastic, including Dedicated Servers, optimization, a new character, revamped arenas, and much more.

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Completed tasks

  • Zem refactoring: BSP’s + camera blocking volumes: After weeks of internal and external testing we decided to tweak some values and the spacing of the whole map. While the Environment team (that means Imanol) works on the final look for this arena we modified the BSP’s and tried several new configurations. You will be able to see these changes on the upcoming Build 0.5.6.


  • Zem refactoring first tower zone: We are re-defining the way the Team Deathmatch arena, Zem Moorlands, looks. While we explore new technology (procedural ways of building maps thanks to splines) we chose to work with one of the towers to start prototyping. Let us know what you think!



  • Reference bible for Talents, Skills and VFX: Unified the way skills, talents and the VFX attached look on both in-game and HUD
  • Tamvaasa: 3 skills + 1 ranged skill. Design done: The final decissions for the Tamvaasa skills were taken and tested with prototipes by the design department. Now the Art and animation department must implement them in game for the VFX artist to start working on them.
  • Tamvaasa combat system animations. First iteration done: Dodges, Fast Attacks and Heavy Attacks are done in blocking. Now we have to test them on the engine to make sure timming, distances and impacts are right.
  • New Tamvaasa skin first 3D model iteration: The new skin for the Tamvaasa race is now visible and selectable on the engine. Now it is time to tweak some of the way materials look on Unreal 4 and it will be ready for the new version!


  • Celea skins are enhanced versions of the basic skins. Curro from the concept art department worked on this and will be modelled soon.

CLA_Mastery Skin

  • Cards UI remodeling: The way cards look and are displayed will be modified for the next version of the game. Hope you like it.
  • Khärn concept art study: A new line of skins for Kharn are on its way, describing three different tribes for the Kharn race. This will put a lot of different variations in the hands of the players who choose Kharn aas they primal race.


  • New gameplay feature: Talents. Design done
  • Simplygon integration: Now we have Simplygon! Juanma integrated this wonderful tool into our project to be able to optimize easier and faster.
  • Menu remodeling: reward screen, warlog pages: Dani, our recentñly added UI artist, did some mock ups and sketches to give our menu a twist. I bet you will love it!


  • New Tamvaasa skin:
  • Cosmetic shop first iteration:
  • Zem refactoring. 3D assets, lights,
  • Menu remodeling.
  • Forum refactoring
  • Dedicated servers integration
  • Tamvaasa: 3 skills + 1 ranged skill. VFX, sounds, debug
  • New gameplay feature: Talents. VFX, sounds, debug
  • Tamvaasa combat system animations
  • New website
  • Combat system optimisation: Stuns + new gameplay status documentation
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