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I had took help from Scripts and Structures to new units and structures.

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I have facility for editing the rule.ini, facility with voxels, facility in desgin so a i glad to get some help in Scripts to new events and Structures buildings or already builded ones to increase and finish the mod.

I believe you first can contribuite with "already done scripts" thats more necessary now and "already done Structures" because im not requiring for a one hard job, just easy small jobs, and thanks.

Interested to help? Send me a E-MAIL or post here in the COMMENTARIES.

Scripts most needed:

Position of the planes in the AirField i don't understand that code.
Put a unit to build already Veteran.
ParaBombs most simple possible.
Para Troopers with 1 tank, 1 IFV, 3 CGI, 3 GI,
Para Troopers for Sovites 4 Flak-Track, 4 Flack Trooper, 4 Conscripts.
GI and CGI deploys(guard) automaticaly when stopped, undeploy on move command.
Last is a problem with helicopters they are not launching their missiles to air combat.

Structures not needed for a while, but i like to receive almost structures that you can have to me, to have new ideas.

~~~~ Outter help; i need to resize voxels to lower sizes and i don't have tools to do it. I have VXLSE-Voxalizer and him only resize bigger sizes.

Thanks! bye

I'm positively waiting someone add more units and remember the classical member country ship. Please rember to complete your version, my final version is suspended but the new balance most important is alredy done.
My sequel about Red Alert 2, in sequel of this just don't build towers in RedAlert make a army and sprait(separate) your army.

What i''yll do now, believe me i'm dont had finished this mod be cause, i'm in pleased to westwood program conditions. Thats so much better that are, i will got no chances in a 3D engine.

So, by now; results, in a Complete Red Alert game that bring's back the first version of red alert.

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