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This article will be discussing the current development of Terror Hunt's sequel, which has been titled "SCP - Deception".

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Terror Hunt has been pretty silent since the latest version, hasn't it been? Well, let me get something out of the way very quickly.

4.5 of Terror Hunt is entirely on the table.

I learned a lot from Terror Hunt's development, just like how I learned from my "efforts" on the Five Nights at Freddy's mod. I seem to have a much better understanding of coding, and I feel as if Terror Hunt would greatly benefit from me going back and cleaning up messier portions of the code. Was spaghetti code the cause of Terror Hunt's lag? Well, not exactly. But it would help! There are also rooms that were left without a remake that I'm sure Kitrod would love to fix. So, yeah. The possibility of a 4.5 is likely. Would it be any time soon? No, probably not. But hey! It's something.

But why not soon? Why can't development on 4.5 start now? Well, my hands have been full. Both with a film project of mine, and another mod! I'm sure most of you have seen the trailer for it by now, but if not, here's a pretty neat teaser!

CBRE v0 1 0 9   start cbr   2022

I mean, I'm not sure if the term "sequel" is exactly correct since it takes place during Terror Hunt, but I'm sure y'all will let that slide.

I'm going to save most of the details for when I make a page for the mod (whenever that will be), but until then, I hope this small bit of news is enough to satisfy you guys! Thanks for sticking around!

Screenshot 8286



thanks yomama very cool

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This is very exciting. I love your mod. You truly succeed in making some kind of new and different game out of CB. Thank you for keeping us posted about future projects, I’m sure they will rock.

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