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I have been recently been able to work on the mod, and have decided to make several changes.

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So after taking a look at everything included in the mod, I decided to scale things back. I feel like from all the excitement of getting a great mod (I hope) going I over saturated things, the rosters especially and the Empire most of course. That doesn't mean they won't still have new units and strong rosters, but I removed things like Old Republic ships for the Rebels and Empire, Clone Wars era units like gunships and juggernaut tanks are used exclusively by the Imperium instead of the Empire as well. The Empire is extremely OP in some ways so I'm considering removing the Death Star II and I removed the ability to build any extra SSD Executors. I wanted to make it fit a bit better with the new canon so the empire has access to some units from the TV show Rebels and I'm considering letting the Empire upgrade to the tech of the First Order in the TFA once they reach Tech 5 - like the stormtroopers will have new armor, etc.

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In my opinion, I say f*** new canon! They butchered the whole lore and replaced it with obsessed cults and Disney humor! Am I the only one here who thinks that what they did was pretty much a giant middle finger to everyone who spent months, if not years, of their whole lives building up such a huge uninverse. It's like Disney's saying "You know what? Your stuff's not good enough for us."

Sorry this turned into a big rant, but all I'm saying is they could've done a MUCH (Did I emphasize MUCH?) better job if they would've based their stuff on the lore that was already written.

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