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3.0 is nearing and it's shaping up to be HUGE! Before we start previewing all the new Commanders, we'd like to first preview the streamlined versions of existing Commanders currently in-game! First up - the Starting Commander of Kingdom of Stromgarde - Danath Trollbane!

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Danath Trollbane

Mercenary Commander and hero of the Second War - Danath Trollbane leads Stromic forces, his infamous Dungali Mercenary Company and his allies from Eversong Forest and Hinterlands into battle!

Danath Trollbane himself is a skilled melee combatant and a charismatic commander that can inspire his forces to fight against even the most impossible odds!

Danath Showcase

Like all Commanders of Kingdom of Stromgarde, Danath has access to the core Stromic units. Additionally, he has access to unique units such as:

Dungali Rider - medium shock cavalry, effective at taking out large or heroic targets.

Dungali Showcase

Elven Ranger - elite ranged unit, fires arrows at pinpoint accuracy and impressive range.

Ranger Showcase

Wildhammer Gryphon Rider - elite flyer unit that dominates the skies! Can attack both air and ground units with magically imbued Stormhammer.

Wildhammer Showcase

Stay tuned for another Commander spotlight next week, featuring a Commander from the new Amani Tribe faction!

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