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Before next week's update will introduce underground dungeons to Galactic, this update adds several improvements. Upgrade bonus cards to make them even better. Save your captains after you lost a game to use him/her in your next games and the walls and floor models improve the game's visual appearance.

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Saving your captains

When you lose a game and start a new one, you start blank. You don't have any bonuses from previous games except for unlocked bonus cards or ships. Starting today, your captain is saved after you lose game!

When starting a new game, you need to select a background for your captain, e.g. pilot or soldier. You can now select one of your last captains to play with. You can change his/her appearance and you can change the name if you want, but he/she will kepp his/her skills!

For example, you could start a game and unlock a new spaceship. After you lose your current game, you can use the same captain with the same skills and level for your next journey with the new spaceship!

New spaceship walls and floors

I added the freshly made wall and floor model into the game. They look more realistic than the old ones and improve the overall visual appearance. However, if you prefer the old walls, you can select the new option in main menu's settings.

Upgrading bonus cards

Two new achievements and Steam Achievements have been added to the game. After achieving them, the bonus cards 'Brilliant salesman' and 'Valuable natural resources' are upgraded with additional bonuses.

After upgrading 'Brilliant salesman', all space stations, merchant encounters and merchants on planets have more items for sale.

When you upgrade 'Valuable natural resources', there is chance to find diamonds and sapphires when mining asteroids. In combination with the skills of an engineer, you can make a great profit by mining asteroids!


When playing as a merchant, it could happen that you regained a threat level immediately after defeating a Nemesis ship. This happened, when you earned enough money to get a new threat level as a reward for defeating a Nemesis ship. This has been solved. Now, you can't generate additional threat when defeating a Nemesis ship.

Bug Fixes

  • When starting a new game, the wrong ship name was displayed in the loading screen.
  • After getting a new crew member from an event, the ship's properties haven't been updated in the Ship Overview.

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