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From the creator of The Great Work, announcing the release of a fantasy RPG called Sarkara: Prototype in early 2024.

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Welcome to Sarkara. Under the reign of Elduran family, the country has been annexing territory and gradually expanding. This came to a sudden halt when Andras, a man wielding never-before-seen magic, blew open the gates of the castle and killed the King in his throne.

Andras has declared that time of kings is over, and the time of the common man has began.

Sarkara: Prototype is a short RPG Maker fantasy game, made almost entirely with publicly available art assets. I am a designer and writer, but no artist. Still, I have a story to tell, and—as titled—this is the prototype version of that story. Sarkara: Prototype is meant to serve as Act 1 of a larger story that will be created should I be able to hire a team and pay for full development.

For more information, see the post on the RPG Maker forums here:

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