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The developers had a post mortem for the project and this is the result.

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Post Mortem

Group name: Pixel Perfect
Work categories in the group that were involved: 3D Artists, Level Designers & Programmers
Genre: First Person Shooter (FPS)
Duration: 9 weeks

How did you as a group decide to make this game?
Our second to last group project was a first person shooter game. So for our last project we thought it would be a fun idea to continue and really polish that game.

How do you think the process worked?
We had a rough start due that the focus of the group was directed towards other things, such as getting internships. We worked very agile as well, and we might have taken it to a far too extreme level where we lost structure and planning to succeed with our FPS game. Our testing was very narrow focused and we never really tested the game as a whole, which led to a lot of problems emerging too late in the project.

What do you feel went well?
Although we had a lot of problems, we were pretty good at handling and solving them. We were also very pleased with our motivation, morale, communication and teamwork throughout the project.
What do you feel you would have done different if you had a chance to do it again?One of the most important things we would have done differently would be to test the game together as a group more frequently. Also, not to have taken the term “Agile” too lightly and therefore make better plans and priorities. We should also have evaluated our game better, especially the code base. Simply put, we should have had a better overview.

How did the promoting of your game in the social media go? Why do you think we want you to promote your game?
The promoting did not go as well as it should have due to the lack of interest because our game did not reach our expectations. The reason our teachers wanted us to promote our game was for us to understand the importance of reaching a crowd during the process of a game and after it is complete.

Yours sincerely,
Pixel Perfect

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