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One of the most important aspects of a game for kids is that its development is appropriate to the ages for which it is designed. In the case of Math Classroom Challenge, from the age of 4 and up. So adding enemies, as we normally understand it, is a very delicate matter. We sorted it out with Sam. Sam is a bird that eats the numbers the player needs to find to solve mathematical problems.We explain how we have implemented this new character in the game.

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Sam: an enemy that is not an enemy.

Sam's not a common bird. A high-level student, he chose architecture as his profession to build the most modern and sophisticated tree nests. But his passion is numbers. He can eat dozens of numbers in a day.

And he will eat the numbers you need to solve the mathematical panels proposed in Math Classroom Challenge. Don't allow it. Don't let him get away with this.

The player is never attacked.

Sam, the Number-Crusher

The key element of Sam is that there is no attack to the player. What Sam is searching for are the numbers that the player also needs to solve the math problems. And the player must throw water at Sam to distract him and keep him away. There is no violence of any kind, and humorous sounds are used at all times.

How to use Sam.

Sam is present by default in all the stages except the Moon stage. Sam will be eating numbers from time to time, and the player will lose the opportunity of adding the number he/she needs to complete the math panels. Because Sam is always searching the exact number the player needs to solve the math panels.

Sam is looking for a number

Teachers and parents can choose if they want Sam.

The player can deactivate Sam in the Config Panel if he/she wants to. Sam is a new element in the game that the parents, teachers and tutors of the young people will be able to activate if they want to increase the challenge of the players, something we have been asked to do. We've also been asked to add more attacking and defensive elements, but that's what Math Combat Challenge is all about. Here we address young boys and girls above all, and we think Sam is the right solution.

We keep working.

But it is not over yet. On the contrary. We are working on new possibilities that we hope will be to the players' liking. We will only say one word for the moment: Ocean Ecosystems.

We hope this new feature can be of your interest. Remember that Math Classroom Challenge can be played with a standard monitor, or with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. And thank you for your interest!

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