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This is the information of "Salah`Zarr War" Saga. Read it pls if you have time.

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at first i need say, that there you can find information about Eladraman Potestas, the big state, which was created by mighty Salah`Zarr God

and now need to say about parts of my "Salah`Zarr saga".

Salah`Zarr Saga is big story in epic genre, like Silmarillion or other things. So i wrote it not ordinary, but in new style, like legendary style.

This saga consist of several stages.

I. Party Hard

(Salah`Zarr attacked the planet Zakromah and wants to find Secret Flinder for his army. But mighty Rebels are already here and trying to stop him).

II. Destructorohh.

(Salah`Zarr forces are trying to destroy secret bunker of Rebel forces. But Rebels are not silly. They have own plan to defeat their enemies).

III. Death.

(Salah`Zarr forces are calling help from mighty Utgartr daemons, because they afraid of Rebels. Rebel Forces are too strong now.... But who will win in this battle now?).

I finished for now 3 stages of my story.

Work is still continuing......

Main enemies and factions from this Saga:
1. New Potestas (main Salah`Zarr state, evil of the universe)
2. Rebel Forces (people, who rejecting Salah`Zarr power, just shattered factions)
3. Light Order Forces (alliance of races against Salah`Zarr evil)
4. Yotuns Empire (temporary allies of Salah`Zarr)
5. Utgartr Empire (daemons from Dark World)
6. Zakromah Rebellion (small rebels alliance against Salah`Zarr and against other forces)

War is coming......

What side will you prefer? Rebels scum or mighty and glorious Potestas?

Waiting you... commander.

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