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The first announcement of my new title - "Salò, or The 120 Days of Terror"

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For somehow a few months now, not counting a study break as part of my studies, I have been working on my own.... videogame. The main idea behind it, as it were, is the feeling of a kind of void in the industry, a void that needs to be filled - namely, checking out new titles all the time, I find out that each new game.... is about nothing. The gaming industry has become so consumed with the idea of pure entertainment fun that it is missing one element - meaning. It's hard to find games like "Spec Ops: The Line", where a more ambitious, deeper content, message has been written into the convention of a shooter.
This impression made me decide to create such a title myself, using the knowledge acquired in storytelling subjects in my field of study, as well as the most important literary analyses, theories on story construction, narration in highly narrative media (literature, film, video game), such as "On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft" by Stephen King, "Film Screenwriting: Theory and Practice" by Polish Professor Mark Hendrykowski, "The 21st-Century Screenplay: A Comprehensive Guide to Writing Tomorrow's Films" by Linda Aronson, and "Video Game Storytelling: What Every Developer Needs to Know about Narrative Techniques" by Evan Skolnick.


"Salò, or 120 Days of Terror" is a game loosely based on the novel by the Marquis de Sade and the film adaptation by Pierre Paolo Passolini, in which the symbols of three of the world's most influential groups - a priest, a president, and a billionaire - decide to take control of the Italian town of Salò in order to kidnap and terrorize in any way they can the local population - fulfilling with their help their every whim, even the most despicable, of which the main character falls victim. He, however, manages to get out and trick his way to the weapons, which starts a complicated game for the fate of the entire neighborhood.

This game will use the Wicked Engine, which is being developed all the time, along with the use of numerous, very powerful graphics creation programs with iClone, used to create high-quality models and character animations at the forefront. (a hint of its capabilities can be seen in the video below)

In addition to the game, I will also develop social media sites, and launch various production support opportunities. I will also start doing perhaps even regular streams of the game's development, and devlogs in various forms will appear in a variety of gamedev-centered online spaces. Any money raised, whether here in the form of Hive/Hive Dollar tokens or from other venues, will be used in turn - to pay for any collaborators that will certainly be needed in the future, such as 3D model artists or voice actors (I am tentatively planning two language versions - English and Polish).
More information will appear soon. For the moment, I can only invite you to my newly established twitter -

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