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You can more or less see the entire progression of how our game developed on Ruya's Tumblr page.

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Our tumblr page is like visual timeline. It features a huge collection of work that didn't make it to the final build. We've posted more or less every sketch that's been frantically scribbled down from the very start of development. Our creative process is throw as many ideas as humanly possible in order to discover something that resonates. We hone one element at a time. A lifetime could be spent trying to create the perfect icon. The key is to know when something is 'finished'. Though there's that saying that "art is never finished only ever abandond".

It's important to us to not be precious about throwing things away. We strive to line a philosophy in design similar to those buddist monks that do those paintings in the sand and just let the waves wash it away. But looking back through our old folders, I guess a small part of us isn't ready to truely let go of all that work. Hense why we've put it up online. Such fony holys.

Hope you enjoy looking through and gives you a sense of our process. :D

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