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New and unique gameplay – that is what all want! September 11, 2015 – “Loxela” provides its first game “Running Ball” for Android devices.

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To date, the mobile gaming industry to a huge regret seen a tendency to copy. Every week we are bombarded with clones of well-known games. So every game with a new and unusual gameplay seems like a bright flash.

Thus, our company found its goal - to create interesting games with, most important, game mechanics not seen before. So, we want to present our first creature - an arcade "Running Ball".

My name is Alexander and I am a founder of "Loxela". Long time I was closely watching for the game development industry, especially for mobile game development. I download and try every new mobile indie game in search of new experiences and inspiration. Unfortunately only 2-3 games a month turnes out to be really exciting. Having no opportunity to play interesting games, I decided to create them by myself. Relying on my own strength, I began to develop "Running Ball". To be honest - the most difficult moment in the game is just the same to create a unique gameplay. Also an important feature of a mobile game is the mobility itself. Therefore, a game should not punish a player for his desire to drink tea or if it's time to leave the train in the subway. Now I understand why the mobile gaming market is flooded with clones, but it only means that the objectives set by me are much higher than most developer’s goals. My dream - creating games that everyone will want to play just because they had never seen this before. And I hope that the "Running Ball" will be the first step on this path.

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