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Welcome, this is the announcement of my first mod called Runescape: Total War. In this post I give a basic ideas of my mod and ask for people to join me.

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Mods have been made for plenty of fantasy universes but not for Runescape. It was about time one was made.

At the moment I am working on my own to make this mod and the goal is to have a full Runescape mod that includes the following:

- Many of the races of Runescape such as: Mahjarrat, Dwarves, Gnomes, Humans, Icyene, Aviansee, Demons and many more!

- Custom settlements, this mod is set in the third age of Runescape during what is called the "God Wars" so there are settlements that do not exist in the Runescape game, some however still exist and I want to atleast create these for the custom battles and campaign. Some of these are: Hallowvale (Meiyerditch), Keldagrim, Entrana, Sophanem and Priffdinas.

- Full campaign. For engine related issues I have slightly edited the map by removing certain islands.

- Scripts for campaign: These are to force certain alliances and recreate events from the third age such as certain races going into hiding and thus not being recruitable anymore.

- New animations for flying units such as Aviansee and Vyrewatch vampyres.

I am now making the units for all the factions, there are about 110 I intend to make atleast. I however need some help. I know how to make units but I need a mapper, coder, animator and someone who wants to help me with creating custom settlements. If you want to help me let me know! (It's best to send me your discord name so I can add you)

As a last note I want to thank the RTW modding community who have been really helpfull in basically teaching me how to create units!

This was it for now, more previews will follow soon.


YES! I have been waiting for this for so long.Can not wait to play the bandosian hordes!

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KurdishNomad Author

Thank you :)

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