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Just one simple tip on how to run Doom3 on newer PC's (at all or without most issues) - with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

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First you have to understand one thing. I'ts the very fact that Doom 3 is over an decade (10 years) old and was made with Windows 98/Me/XP compatibility in mind .

Issues on newer systems are inevitable and in the end some are indeed present.

Mostly for ATI/AMD graphic card users. Some will notice graphical glitches other won't be able to run Doom 3 at all.

Below in few simple steps i will introduce you to a simple solution on how to fix those issues.

Step 1:

Go to Doom 3 main directory by either right clicking on the desktop icon and selecting find location/go to location, or by My Computer/This Computer.

There find file named "Doom3.exe" and rename it to "Doom 3.exe".

Step 2:

Create new shortcut to the desktop by right clicking modified file and selecting: Sent to > Desktop.

Or edit all paths in existing shortcut to reflect changes made to the executable file. Add spaces between Doom and 3 in both path boxes. Or just go with the easier first method :P

That's all. Adding one space into a file name fixes most of the issues for ATI/AMD GPU users.

I decided to upgrade to Win10. New official (retail, not internal build) build was released. Works flawlessly. So I wanted to confirm that this method and overall Doom3 runs on Windows 10 without issues.

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Well... Thanks for the tutorial, lol3r_86. ( A long overdue thanks, indeed :) )
I'd also like to add that the game works Platinum under Wine in Linux, without any workarounds AFAIK. I've also heard that folks have been recompiling my SDK to make an .so file for native Linux and OSX versions of the game.
Okay, that's it.

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