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At this time this is only an idea, however if enough people show interest it'll be more than just an idea. I'd like to add perks into Rp2, every popular game has perks, achievements, etc. adds to the adventure of the game after all. Inside this piece of news is a listing of perks I've come up with, feel free to make balance suggestions or submit your own ideas!

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Okay so I’ve decided that I need to add a little more to Rp2’s gameplay, so I’ve decided to add perk system. In this system each player will be able to have 2 perks. Players will be able to select their perks with the phone, however the player’s perks will only update on the player’s next life. Finally, instead of listing all the perks from the get go, players will have to find them (or in some cases do something a lot until they are rewarded with them).
Here is a list of possible perks I’ve come up with so far, feel free to suggest additional ones, or ideas on how a perk could be better.

Note: If I later add an experience system things like increasing inventory size and the number of perks you have will be the main reward from it.

Note: Any perks with the (x2) in front of them can be used twice (IE: You can fill both your perk slots with them), basically doubling their effectiveness.

Rp2 Perks:

Purchase Related:
*10% Off – Every weapon or vehicle you buy from a Purchase Terminal is 90% of its original price.
*Cheap Armor – You can buy armor for 25% of its normal cost.

Job Related:
*Fisherman – All fishing spots now show up as blue stars on your radar.
*Conductor – Normal money output plus an additional credit trickle even while your train is empty.
*Delivery Man – 10% chance that the cargo your delivering will be extra valuable giving you 10x the cash for the delivery.
*Bus Driver – In addition to the standard bus payment methods, you now make a slow trickle of money while driving any bus.
*Cashier – Cashier jobs now have a maximum pay of 200 dollars a second, in addition your boss no longer cares what you do on the job.
*Police Patrol – Now driving on ANY road gives you money, you no longer have to follow a stupid red star around (however you still have to drive on a road).
*Veteran Employee – Cashier always at a 100 dollar per second wage. Police Patrol has a 10% chance of getting twice the pay for patrolling. While fishing all PLECOS and Shark spots show up as green stars on your radar. Trains give you the normal credit trickles for half the regular speeds.
*Hard Worker – You make an additional 10% from any job.

Swimming Related:
*(x2) Pro Diver – You spawn with a scuba tank (different from the ones you can buy, thus allowing you to get up to twice the normal scuba time).
*(x2) Big Lungs – You get twice the amount of air when swimming underwater.

Character Health Perks:
*(x2) Hardened Warrior – You take 5% less damage from any injury.
*(x2) Vitality – You get twice health regenerate rate.
*(x2) Quick Recovery – Your health starts to regenerate in half the time after your wounded.

Vehicle Related:
*(x2) Mechanic – Your vehicle slowly self-heals.
*Strengthen Hull – All vehicles get 200 base health instead of the standard 100 (only affects vehicles with 100 base health).
*Fire Proof - Your vehicle no longer slowly dies once it is on fire due to low health.
*(x2) I *(x2) Insurance – If your vehicle is destroyed you get 25% of its cost back.
*Cheap Repairs – When you bring your vehicle to a pay and spray the cost is now 50%.
*EMP Immune - Not only is your vehicle immune to EMP, but if you get in a vehicle that has been EMPed it will have the effects instantly removed.
*Amphibious – You can drive any vehicle underwater and not take water damage, however, that doesn’t mean you won’t run out of air eventually.

Combat Related:
*(x2) SCUD Pro – all SCUD launcher rockets have +0.25 guidance control when you are guiding them.
*(x2) Ammo Recycling –10% chance for each bullet you fire it could be recycled into your inventory and shot again.
*(x2) Lucky Shot – You have a 1% chance of doing 10 times the damage each time you damage something.
*Lucky Guess – When shot; the person that shot you now shows up as a star on radar for a second.
*(x2) Increased Bounty – You get twice the money for hurting others, damaging vehicles, killing others, and destroying their vehicles.
*Fair Playing Field – If you are on foot and your enemy is in a vehicle, your weapons do 25% more damage to their vehicle.

Death Related:
*Out with a bang – On death your character explodes (good against people using melee or vehicles running you over).
*Return To The Scene Of The Crime – If killed, you will be able to choose the location you died as your spawn point. Note: If used you don't get any Anti Spawn Kill.
*Vengeance – When a player kills you will randomly do 1000 points of damage to them or their vehicle.
*Counter Strike - On death, a series of Tomahawk missiles will be launched from a sub at your current position.
*Redemption – AI like you, and if another player kills you they’ll hate that player to an extreme.
*No Last Will and Testament – When you die you don’t drop any cash or weapons.
*Counter Deal – Any credit card info you drop will steal money from the player that picks it up instead.

*(x2) Pack Mule – Your inventory is 10 spaces bigger.
*Ninja – You don’t show up on the radar unless you attack, and even then it’s only for a second.
*Seeing with Clarity – You can see twice as far under want and twice as far when it’s foggy as anyone else.
*Hunter – All players show up on your radar as stars.
*Paratrooper – Your parachute is always at full health unless shot down, in which case it will slowly regenerate.
*Sniper – You can fire and reload sniper rifles while walking or running.
*Gambler - Slot machines (the new ones I haven't added yet) like you, and your chances of getting big money are actually in your favor.
*Espionage – All base defenses and turrets now ignore you, whether it’s the defenses at A69, or the defenses in someone’s house.
*(x2) Locksmith – Spawn with all key cards for the map. If you use this perk for both your slots, you will be able to open up the front door to anyone’s house you want as well.
*(x2) Come in kicking – You always spawn with a random pistol, SMG, or shotgun. If you use the perk twice you can spawn with rifles or energy weapons.
*Food Stamps – You can buy any food item for free.
*(x2) Tax Fraud – You get a slow trickle of money at all times.

Jaywolf359 - - 81 comments

Sounds good to me. I say go for if enough people are into it

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Badas123 - - 30 comments

that would be epic i could finaly sneak around area 69s weapons and with the key card that would be a perfect combo to gain entry i like it

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