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This is a new mod for the classic game Rise of the Triad, also known as ROTT. It adds new features to the game like letting you carry more than one missile weapon at the same time.

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When I used to play this game some 15 years ago, I was never happy with the game not allowing me to carry more than one missile weapon at the same time and I did not like the bar display for the player's health and ammo (others may disagree of course).
When Birger Andreasen and J. Bailey released the source code for the Windows port they were developing; I decided to take a shot at changing the game so that ROTT plays just like Doom. This mod was the result of 6 weeks of work on and off back in 2009. It remained on my hard drive for more than 2 years untouched but I decided to start working on it again recently. It is still in its beta form and it needs play-testing. I am releasing it on now so that fans of this game may play it and hopefully give me some feedback on any bugs and suggestions they'd like me to implement so that a final version is released.
I believe that Birger may incorporate these features in a future release of his source code for WinRottGL.
All credit for the Windows source port goes to Birger; J. Stafford and J. Bailey and of course to 3dRealms for the original source code.

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