New features and modifications in this mod:
1. There is no infinite ammo for the bullet weapons, however you start off with 50 bullets and every time you kill a guard he should drop a pistol for you to pick up, and this will increase your ammo count by 5 shots each time.
2. You can now carry more than one missile weapon at the same time; the game will no longer force you to drop the bazooka whenever you picked up the heat seeker or the firebomb..etc.
3. The ammo and health displays are now in digital format. I replaced the player's ammo and health bar with a numerical display, so your missile count can now go over 10 easily.
4. A new cheat code is implemented just to test this mod, it will give you all the normal 9 weapons at once plus enough ammo for each. Just type the usual dipstick while in the game followed by \gw1
5. Use the keys 1 to 3 for the bullet weapons and keys 4 to 9 to select the missile weapons.
6. This mod should play all normal ROTT game maps on Windows and in GL Hi-Res quality whether they are user made or original .
Note: all the magical weapons should work as normal and are not changed in this mod.
Download it from the downloads section on or click here
If you have problems setting the game up, then have a look at the manual included with your download or click here for a tutorial .
As always make backups of your games files and scan for viruses.

All credit for the Windows source port goes to Birger; J. Stafford and J. Bailey and of course to 3dRealms for the original source code.
Please send me any bugs reports or new features suggestions on my email below. thanks.

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ROTT 2012


When I used to play this game some 15 years ago, I was never happy with the game not allowing me to carry more than one missile weapon at the same time and I did not like the bar display for the player's health and ammo (others may disagree of course).
When Birger Andreasen and J. Bailey released the source code for the Windows port they were developing; I decided to take a shot at changing the game so that ROTT plays just like Doom. This mod was the result of 6 weeks of work on and off back in 2009. It remained on my hard drive for more than 2 years untouched but I decided to start working on it again recently. It is still in its beta form and it needs play-testing. I am releasing it on now so that fans of this game may play it and hopefully give me some feedback on any bugs and suggestions they'd like me to implement so that a final version is released.
I believe that Birger may incorporate these features in a future release of his source code for WinRottGL.
All credit for the Windows source port goes to Birger; J. Stafford and J. Bailey and of course to 3dRealms for the original source code.

Rott 2012 Tutorial

Rott 2012 Tutorial

Installers Tutorial

This article will show you in simple steps how to install,setup and play the Rott 2012 mod for Rise of the Triad.

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ROTT 2012

ROTT 2012

Full Version 1 comment

This is a brand new mod for the popular classic game Rise of the Triad, otherwise known as ROTT. It adds new features to the game like letting you carry...


Doubt anyone will drop by, but in case someone does: Do I "need" WinROTTGL v1.36? or can I use WinROTT v2.16?

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Does anyone know where I can get the wad files (Darkwar.wad and .rtl)? I had the original game along time ago and have since lost to cd.

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Is this now dead? No updates?

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I'm afraid so.. No updates for a looong time.. :(

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Ok, I tried the mod so here's my opinion Delyon:
1. The effort you put in it is really worth reward. Hope you'll work on it more. I cannot give you 10 just yet as there are some things which needs tweaking. But I won't give you less than 10 either.
2. There is a bug which occurs when you have only 1 bullet and dual wield pistols. Only one pistol shoots which is ok but no bullet is launched!
3. The machinegun guards drops pistols instead of machineguns which is really odd.
4. If you'll run out of ammo and don't have any heavy weapon you're defenseless. This is really bad and should be dealt with - read some of my ideas below to know how.
5. You could add some starting melee weapon which player could use if he runs out of ammo: a knife or fist attack. The knife graphics are already present in the game, the fist graphic could be taken from Doom:
6. How about adding some new content to the game? M60 Machinegun perhaps? The gun could be dropped by Triad Enforcer. The same enemy can drop "Hand Grenade" weapon. Graphics for both can be found here:
7. How about changing the "Life" system to something more meaningful - since there is a savegame system already. The things I prospose are:
a) 100 HP boost for single life, 200 hp boost for triple pack - even over default 100
b) make player respawn in the same place he died (unless he fall out of level) instead of playing the level over. If player fall out of the level he should respawn at the level start (may be buggy in some levels).
8. Keep up the good work cuz this mod really looks promising! Thumbs up!

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Delyon Creator

Thank you very much for your valuable comments. I appreciate the time you took to test this beta mod.
1. I am very much aware that the game now needs a melee weapon and the code for the knife is almost 75% finished; hopefully it will be included in the next release.
2. I completely agree with you that dropping a pistol instead of the actual weapon is very odd, it is an oversight on my part; it is also easy to fix.
3. With respect to adding new weapons to ROTT, I must admit that I have already tried adding new graphics to the game using XWE in order to do something like this but with no success ; XWE kept corrupting my wad file every time. Either I was doing something wrong or this editor is not fully compatible with ROTT. It is an exciting project and if you or anyone else reading this could help us fix this problem (?), then writing the code for the new weapons can go ahead. We may also add other ideas like boxes of ammo, health and weapon power-ups…etc.
4. As for the rest of your bug report and suggestions, I will certainly take them into consideration.
Kind Regards.

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I'm happy I could help :)
1. Unfortunately I'm unable to help you with the coding, and know only that those guys are pro, but you may already know that.
2. If you plan to add the knife since the start, keep in mind that there are knife statues available as well. So I propose one of the solutions:
a) knife available since the start, but statues gives PC the machete! (machete graphics available in one of the links I wrote above). The machete could gib enemies. But the knife at the start means that net can always by cut, which is pretty unbalanced. I think the second solution is better:
b) fist (doom brass knuckles) at the start, knife granted as usual (from statue). It cannot be bare fists since we all can see the holes in dead bodies. It's balanced since PC cannot cut the net at the beginning of the game.
3. As for new pickups - I think adding ammo boxes, health pickups is obsolete. Rott was always designed in such a way that only weapon pickups was available - IMO it should stay this way. The only pickups addes should be new weapons, spawned by the enemies. I always wondered why the Enforcer didn't dropped his M60..
4. How about jump ability? Of course jumping should be limited to not be able to jump over fences etc, but only over pit-traps and items PC's want to pick up later.
5. Maybe you could add "Degreeless WITHOUT weapons" cheat to the game?
6. Try to keep up with the current version of WinRottGL. Your mod is based on 1.32, the current is 1.60. Outdated mods are easily forgotten.
7. Summary: I just recommend focusing on 2 things:
a) "removing the suck" from the vanilla game
b) add only the new content which fits into the game

For now, you've made a huge step on 7.a. ;)

ps. I may help you with the weapon graphics if you want. Just need to know the proper file format, resolution etc.

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Delyon Creator

Thanks Zaero for the rating. You certainly have lots of new ideas for this mod. Still the main hurdle remains,that's adding new graphics to the wad file. As I mentioned earlier XWE is a good multi-purpose editor for classic games like ROTT and Doom(have a look here: if you are interested) but it was not much help in this case.I will have to consult with Birger about it.I believe he is developing a new editor for ROTT. May be he could help us with this problem. Meanwhile I am compiling a list of all the new features for a future release based on feedback from beta testers like you. Many thanks.

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As soon as I'll try it out I will rate. I hope I'll give it a 10 easily! ;)

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Niiiiice, gonna try this out! ^^

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