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Here is the preview of our newest update, 1.1.9, Patch 2. This is an open Beta and not heavily tested but should fix the annoying campaign bug from 1.1.

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We now have a new tag, created by oleg2242.


Another new thing are the Hanoverian Navy Officers you can see above.

The flag set has been replaced by wangrin's and Herr Doktor's work (and a bit of mine).

Furthermore there are many new historical characters in the game for you to find and defeat;)

In addition Hannover got a new UI in the Neoclassical style.

20180519141645 1

At last Sweden is partly reworked.

Swedish Army:

General:20180529223747 1

Foot Guards:20180522210329 1

King's Mother Guards:20180522210354 1

King's own regiment:20180522210404 1

Infantry Regiment:20180522210748 1

Garnisonsregemente:20180525221830 1

Värmlands Fältjägarkår and Karelska Jägarkåren:20180527191357 1

Light Infantery battalion:20180605103906 1

Savolax jägarregemente kompani:20180606214336 1

Lif Drabant Corps:Lif Drabant Corps

Swedish Lif Regemente:Swedish Lif Regemente

Swedish Lif Dragonerne:Swedish Lif Dragonerne

Swedish Cavallerie Regemente:Cavallerie Regemente


Husars:20180609174416 1

Jämtlands hästjägarkompani mounted:20180623121518 1

Jämtlands hästjägarkompani fighting dismouted:20180623123006 2

The Lätta dragonkåren:The Ltta dragonkren


Naval Officers:Naval Officers


Government: New Government

Kung: Gustav III

Government (from left to right)
1. Kanslipresident: Ulric Scheffer
2. President i Statskontoret: Johan Liljencrantz
3. Justitiekanslern: Carl Axel Wachtmeister
4. Statssekreterare vid Krigsexpeditionen: Johan Gustav von Carlsson
5. Överamiral vid örlogsflottan: Henrik af Trolle

1. Gustav Philip Creutz
2. Eric Ruuth
3. Carl August Ehrensvärd
4. Johan Gabriel Oxenstierna
5. Carl Lagerbring

Research done by CroHunger999

Download the Patch 2 here:

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Chazzerberg - - 148 comments

Hay you're 'Download Patch 2 here' link sends you to the mod db upload a file page. Well it does for me at least. Also, nice mod. Looks great, Keep it up!

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QuintusHortensius Author
QuintusHortensius - - 950 comments

Thanks for the hint to the wrong link, it's corrected now.

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