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The Tal Shiar always has a plan......but we never tell anyone!!

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Unlike the Klingon side, I have a more round plan of the Romulans. Now some will probably not like this idea, but as the Romulans do play more on deceit, spying and general deviousness they will employ an unusual addition to their structures. More on that a bit later.

Firstly, as with all the sides, the replacement stock units are of far superior quality and many of them coming from my BIVR project. All these play as I would expect them to and as such its time for a further update to the side. Firstly, unlike the previous three sides the Romulans will not have a further 3rd shipyard. The reason for this is that because the rsuperbl is actually a starbase/shipyard in one, there are several slots available to the structure. As such the following will be applied:

- ryard: Planned to have up to 5 additional ships
- ryard2: Planned to have up to 4 additional ships
- rsuperbl: Planned to have up to 5 additional ships
- rbase: 1 Additional construction vessel and 1 additional freighter

The additional construction vessel will grant access to up to 4 additional turrets:
- 1 will be used as a sort of long range radar structure.
- 1 will allow the usage of a type of sensor ping.
- 2 will give access to special weapons turrets.

Now as I mentioned a bit earlier the Romulans will have access to a special selection of up to 6 structures. These will be based of the stock versions but will acts as decoy versions. What this means is that they will have very high armour values (but not indesctructible), and be armed, but the armaments will be very low yield (they will cause very low damage, if any). This means that an enemy player and the AI will have a bit more of a harder time knowing which station is and isn't the real deal. I won't say which structures will have a "decoy" version.

Anyway. Thats it for now. More to come soon.

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