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The second beta version of Roma Universalis, focused on Alexander the Great and his successors, has been released!

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Hello there everyone and happy holidays!

Lead developer of Roma Universalis here, and I am proud to announce the release of Roma Universalis: The Successors!

This patch for the Europa Universalis IV total conversion mod Roma Universalis focuses on Alexander the Great and the Successors (Diadochi) who split up his empire upon his death in 323 BC. It has a large amount of changes to the mod, which will be listed below in a full changelog.

Direction of the mod from here

This is likely to be one of the last updates to Roma Universalis for the winter season, as school will start back up soon and I really can't guarantee much progress will be made on the mod. However, I do have some tentative plans on improving the mod, including:

  • adding more Germanic, Gaulish, and Iberian tribes (even some one-province minors perhaps)
  • more flavor events and historical events for countries across the globe
  • giving more spice to China during its Warring States period
  • more national ideas for various countries
  • more releasable and playable nations
  • possibly expanding the map in East Africa, Siberia, and Central Asia

Other thoughts

I really encourage you players to head on over to the Steam Workshop page for the mod and rate, subscribe, and give feedback on the mod and on things that can be changed. I would also LOVE screenshots and videos of the mod in action.

Until next time folks, happy holidays, take care, and carpe diem!

Screenshots from this patch

Roma Universalis vBeta 2: The Successors Preview Roma Universalis vBeta 2: The Successors Preview

Roma Universalis vBeta 2: The Successors Preview

Roma Universalis vBeta 2: The Successors

Download from the Steam Workshop

Roma Universalis vBeta 2: The Successors


- New event chain simulating Alexander the Great's conquest of the Persian Empire and the splitting up of it
- Changed national ideas, making Macedon one of the strongest military powers in the game
- New flag

- New event that will randomly pop up giving the option to preserve the monarchy or convert to an oligarchy

- Will convert to Maurya after Alexander's conquests or, if a player, be given the choice to convert to the Mauryan empire and receive claims on India

The Successors:
- Added Ptolemaic Egypt, the Lysimachids, the Antigonids, and the Seleucid Empire as Successor Kingdoms

- Added a new 320 BC bookmark to allow playing as one of the Successor Kingdoms
- Main Grand Campaign bookmark should be used to play as Macedon and fight against the Successor Kingdoms or attempt to preserve the Empire

- Ships now cost manpower to repair and recruit; when damaged, ships that are being repaired will draw from your manpower pool.
- Galleys now cost 250 manpower, heavy ships 500 manpower, transports 100 manpower, and light ships 200 manpower.

- Religion descriptions have been implemented into the game to increase immersion
- Balanced out religious bonuses across the board, making some that were previously overpowered a bit more balanced
- Added several flavor events to the Seleucids, Baktria, and Ptolemaic Egypt to convert to domestic/neighboring majority religions if desired
- Added in religious rebels for all religions, previously missing
- Norse religion renamed to Germanic
- Polytheistic and Middle Eastern religion groups can now form personal unions and have Defenders of the Faith

New nations:
- Added the Mauryan Empire, Ptolemaic Egypt, the Seleucid Empire, the Lysimachids, and the Antigonids as new countries

- Streamlined technology costs, with Tribal and Nomadic governments having an increase in tech costs while countries outside of Italy and Greece have lower tech costs
- Added a reformation/westernization decision for Tribal and Nomad governments to reform from their government into a more centralized and western government

Terra incognita:
- Most civilizations/tech groups have a much larger view of the world map now, with the Hellenic knowing the most of the known world (from Britain to the Indian border)

- New flag and darker, more imperial-looking red map color for Rome

Loading screens:
- Brand new beautiful loading screens
- New title card
- New main menu logo for the mod
- Fixed some issues with music

- Carthage is now the world's only end node

- Development levels significantly increased in Italy, Iberia, western Persia, Assyria, Gaul, Greece, and Baktria; significantly decreased in Sogdia, Parthia, and eastern Persia
- Some new province names for historically significant provinces like Gaugamela and Babylon

National Ideas:
- National Ideas added for the Mauryan Empire, the Nanda Empire, Epirus, Syracuse, Magna Graecia, Samnium, Lysimachids, Ptolemaic Egypt, Antigonids, Seleucids, Bosporon, Ancient Egyptian, North African, Carthaginian, Etruscan, and Italian nations

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Why don't i have any decisions for any country,or even events

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