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Rohan scenes are so far complete. Next i do Gondor.

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Rohan scenes are so far complete. Next is Gondor.


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Helms Deep:

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Aldburg (Town Walls):

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Rohan Castles:

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Rohan Villages:

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Very well done. I would suggest some tweaking on the Rohan castles, they do not seem so authentic because of the large amount of stones used. If you look at the Capital Edoras, the foundations were rock but the rest is wood, and maybe the same should be applied with lesser castles. The Hornburg, being their greatest fortress was purely made of rock and stone but that was during the Golden Age of Rohan. :) Excellent work nonetheless, just a suggestion.

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EasterIing Author

Good point, I have already thought about it. Maybe I'll make the castle even more wooden in the future. but first I continue with the other Scenes to get ahead ;)

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That is good to hear. Keep up the amazing work! :)

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