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We have opened public Discord channel for RoH where Developers and followers alike are hanging out and discussing stalker related things!. And some other delicious info

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Good day stalkers!

Today we are opening the official Ray of Hope community server on the Discord platform.
If you like the post-apocalyptic theme and you like to spend weekdays in an informal atmosphere, be sure to check with us. In addition, people who are not indifferent to the project will be able to track the development process in a separate channel in real time using a synchronized log of changes. (channel changelog-channel)

Bring your vodka and guitar! leave your gun next to the wall, thank you.

We also have little more to show of our Soundtrack again. Radio tunes of RoH!

Today, we've been blessed with a long-awaited announcement of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, no doubt a meaningful occurrence for the entirety of our community!

Let's hope that GSC Game World will succeed at bringing forth a great new entry in the beloved series. We, on the other hand are wholeheartedly working on the multiplayer. The time has come to post some new content in the group, which we have already showcased in the Patreon development blog: new 1st person animations and the work process regarding high-poly models.

T0xicFOG - - 13 comments

Holy **** i am dreaming? This looks so good, great work guys.

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Ray-Of-Hope Author
Ray-Of-Hope - - 726 comments

I thought about that too, but the dream got bigger with s.t.a.l.k.e.r 2

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yodahouse900 - - 79 comments

can you post an engine stress test ?
because with all of this new fancy good looking juicy stuff i'm starting to be worried about the engine

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xxxaziral - - 34 comments

lol there is no stalker 2

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RandomGuyInGasmask - - 30 comments

Well there will be now

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TheRenegadist - - 2,089 comments

No axe jamming animations, 0/10 mod.

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Ray-Of-Hope Author
Ray-Of-Hope - - 726 comments

It jams when player is drunk enough. Also you might hurt yourself with it. Also NPC's tend to say "I used to be a stalker like you, until I hit my self with an axe to the knee"

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Guest - - 699,533 comments

If he really hit himself with an axe to the knee , then I dont even know how the hell can he get into the zone with his leg =))

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Ray-Of-Hope Author
Ray-Of-Hope - - 726 comments


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dracul841 - - 428 comments

this only could happen in arma 2 xD

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✪Sparrow - - 308 comments

We now officially have Stalker 2, but by the way, RoH is going to have a lot of fun, my attention is almost totally geared towards RoH of all the other mods for Stalker. It was something I always thought of, it was something we discussed here in Brazil among the Dev's, but no one gave me an initiative, I never did, but at the moment I wanted to be doing something similar, but now in my day to day Unreal Engine 4 moved me much . With the team I have always talked about doing something for Stalker CoP in the UE4, but it is only dream, 15 people is a good number, but they are 15 people full of work and family.

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neophus - - 591 comments

very nice I hope playing this MOD soon !

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Armcoon - - 798 comments

Hey, this pretty nice news! :D Btw, I like that model, texture, animation and sound. XD

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Ray-Of-Hope Author
Ray-Of-Hope - - 726 comments

Yeah I was thinking it was about time to show you guys some nice stuff. Now you can also hang out with us in discord and just get news and updates straight there too. Still gotta finish english version of update feed.

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hermonogumusemages - - 88 comments

Maybe it will be more practical to use that axe with one hand.

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ColonelRH - - 770 comments

Great news brotha :') I'm feeling lucky ahahah you know!! Now I found 2 more reasons to live :D

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Gladiator14 - - 287 comments


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dave_5430 - - 2,114 comments

Wait, the TT with a shell underbarrel? I've seen it in movies, but, does this actually exist?

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Guest - - 699,533 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

bhelen - - 525 comments

So is this mod completely dead or what even happened?

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stalker2007 - - 18 comments

Long wait, but at the end RoH may beat it Lol

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kakas1999 - - 6 comments

its almost christmas, is this mod still in development or did you gave up on the project?

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