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Earth lies in ruin. Our ever advancing Aether technology opened a rift to another time, unleashing an ancient beast upon the galaxy. Known as the Destroyer, this massive creature travels from world to world devouring the Aether in planet cores only to leave a dead shell in its wake.

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Roguelands Kickstarter is now live!

What a crazy 7 months it has been! We've finally made it to the Kickstarter campaign. I hope you all are just as excited as I am about Roguelands and what the future holds!

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  • Planets will be procedurally generated. Trees, ore deposits, gathering nodes, and enemy types will be generated each time you and your squad beams to the surface. Be sure to watch your step because every planet will be different!
  • The deeper into the Galaxy you explore, the more hostile planets you will encounter. Scorching hot volcanic planets require players to have Cold Stimpacks or Droids with the Coolant ability in order to survive. Frozen ice planets and noxious poison planets will also require specific items for survival. But the more hostile a planet is, the greater chance it has of it yielding rare materials!

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  • As players travel alone or with a squad, they will discover various spare parts around the Galaxy. Droids can be forged back on your home planet, be found as rare drops, or bought from exotic markets.
  • Droids will feature abilities such as Mining, Woodcutting, Gathering, Coolant, Warmth, Anti-Poison, and much more! Want to mine the rare ores on a frozen planet? Take Droids with both Mining and Warmth to keep you from freezing! Want to gather a certain bug that rarely spawns in Forest planets? Take a Droid with a high Gathering Ability.
  • If you're setting out to take down a rare boss creature, you may want to bring Combat Droids. Some Droids will come with abilities such as Laser, Bolt, Flame, Bomb, and much more abilities that activate when you enter Combat Mode.

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  • After successfully beaming back to your Home World, you may want to forge some new gear or cook up a tasty meal for you and your squad.
  • So far, the professions include Smelting, Weaponsmithing, Armorsmithing, Cooking, Alchemy, and Spellcrafting!
  • Cooking delicious meals will provide you and your squad with necessary buffs, while Alchemy will allow the creation of various potions and stimpacks. But don't forget to forge new epic gear for your character with all of the rare materials you've acquired!

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  • In Roguelands players will have 6 primary stats: VIT, ATK, DEX, EVA, MAG, and FTH. Different weapons will scale with different stats, allowing for a bunch of unique playstyles. For example, there could be a sword that scales with ATK and DEX, granting bonus physical damage and even movement speed. Or maybe a Gauntlet that scales with FTH and VIT providing bonus health and healing properties. The possibilies are endless!
  • I haven't decided on a max level yet, but players will have an overall level that increases the more they fight enemies, craft, cook, forge, and complete tasks. Players can allocate points to increase their primary stats, eventually specializing in only two. This will prevent players from being good at everything.
  • So far I've got Swords, Lances, Guns, Cannons, Gauntlets, and Staffs as weapon types, each with their own variations with randomly generated attributes!

I hope you consider supporting my project!

Ketanga - - 124 comments

Hey Sean,

This looks really good and I have a question I'd like to ask. Will some planets be completely friendly and colonized with NPC's? Perhaps their may be cities or outposts where you can stock up on supplies.


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alexfeature - - 78 comments

...and backed!

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Galen512 - - 413 comments

Sounds cool so far, I loved Magicite, definitely tracking this one.

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ahhhasadahh - - 489 comments

Very risk of rain inspired, I like it! :D

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