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In August we added new fruits and vegetables for you to grow and we gave Beebop a way to express himself and to make you notice his feelings! Furthermore, you can now hire skilled workers to help you out!

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Hello everyone!

It’s now almost September, the summer is over, and we’ve got enough sun and sea that we’re back to business relaxed and burnt. (Actually, we really never left, working on this project is way more fun!)

This month's recap is full of new, cute and in-depth features! Let’s explore them together:

More fruits and vegetables to grow

Plants! It’s been a while since we talked about plants, what you can grow, and what you can do about them.

We added a little bit of depth on how you should handle temperature and humidity when growing both terrestrial and alien plants.

For example, one of the new plants we added, the Strawberry plant, needs a warm temperature and a high humidity level to be able to grow properly! It grows pretty slowly but gives a good income when sold.

roboplant v0 4 11 strawberries

And this is the new plant you can grow, the Kinano! It grows well in the same conditions as strawberries. Cute, pastel and sells at a very high price! But it also requires a lot of work and research to be able to grow!

Be careful to keep all the differences in mind or else you can lose a lot of money and time when building an environment for all of them!

Beebop has a new look!

This one is probably the biggest thing we worked on this month, giving Beebop a soul. Before, he was a simple robot working all day long, without the chance to express himself when something was off. Now, Beebop has a nice pair of eyes!

roboplant v0 4 10 beebop unskill

But he can also get very upset if not treated well!

But that’s not all, there’s not one simple plain Beebop anymore, now he can have experience in certain fields! And this can be really handy if you need to improve the efficiency of your factory.

roboplant v0 4 10 beebop enginee

Beebop Farmers will surely perform better in growing plants than in researching, that is clearly a job they would prefer to leave to their fellow colleagues' Engineers, and Biologists.

roboplant v0 4 10 beebop farmer

But let’s not forget about our loyal Builders, who are working constantly to make sure all is up and working properly!

roboplant v0 4 10 beebop biologi

But keep an eye on their skill level, as the more skilled they are when hired, and more money they will require to work for you! Quality comes at a price 😉

Challenges to make you sweat

Besides the main story mode, we added challenges for you to complete. They won't be easy to finish but will provide plenty of entertainment and fun for you. To complete a challenge you'll have to satisfy certain criteria while not being able to unlock and use certain structures and features.

Are you going to be able to deliver 100 packaged lettuce and strawberries before the time runs out?

The Steam Fest demo is getting ready

As the title says we will be at the next Steam Fest with a demo of Roboplant, we are really thrilled to be there! We are looking forward to hear your feedback on the game and build a better game on top of that.

We are sure that with your suggestions and comments we will be able to make Roboplant much better!

You'll be able to play the challenges and explore some of the features available in Roboplant. And don't worry if English is not your main language (it isn't ours either!), we will localize the game in 11 different languages so we should be able to cover as much as we can.

What is next?

And that's it for now! For September, besides working on the demo, we are planning to go deeper into the story mode and also introduce events to keep you always on your toe.

If you’d like more details or just want to chat with us, please join us on Discord or subscribe to the newsletter.

Here you can see more about us:

Thank you very much for your time and see you again in a month or so!

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