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Only days after releasing RLP 1.1 for DSTNM, I uncovered a small handful of bugs, after rigorous exploration, I'm pretty damn sure I got them all. List attached. PLEASE NOTE THE "f" AT THE END OF 1.1, its an abbreviation for "fixed".

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What's fixed in DSTNM RLP 1.1f:
-The top of the readme read "DSTNM RLPH1.6" due to some combination of typo and
accidental override, seriously, WTF?
-Ralph would still remove items from your inventory with the Direct Item Transfer screen
if he didn't have room, destroying the item. This should've been stoppedm theoretically,
but it was displaced in the wrong order.
-Ralph would start off every new game in non-lethal approach mode, resulting in an
inability to attack unless he was either switched off non-lethal, or given a nonlethal
weapon, good news is this can't happen when trying to switch to non-lethal manually.
-Weapon mod screens use of Blue X's and Checks would sometimes read false when true, this
was tracked down and fixed.
-If Ralph used a character name basis for attack, meaning the person had no formal
alliance, then lost track of the enemy, the enemy could not be re-engaged by using their
character name again.
-When giving Trestkon's Pistols to Ralph, messages related to switching modes would be
wired to the Player.
-You can no longer directly give Ralph ammo types, due to the sheer stupidity of it all,
as it frees no space in your bag, removes all instances of it at once, and sometimes
would get picked up instead of something more relevant (IE "prod" would give prod ammo to
Ralph and not the prod weapon)

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