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You thought the jets had been mothballed, the ships decommissioned, the missiles sold off? THINK AGAIN.

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This mod is being slowly brought back to life. The previous dev, Wordsarecool, was kind enough to allow me to use his platform for my own modern day mod that I have been planning for some time. I plan to eventually make a series of mods covering different eras of modern history. This mod is the beginning of that plan. Of course, that is all far into the future.

The game plan for the next few days:

-Continue to work on converting assets for the mod. (The main focus at the moment is naval, but the others are forthcoming)

-Setting up animations before coding them into A&A.

-Testing said assets in-game.

The inaugural unit for this mod can be seen in the thumbnail. It's a Chinese aircraft carrier courtesy of the Rise of Nations mod community.

I will make the best effort to post screenshots of the work that has been made so far and into the near future as well as provide updates on what I am planning with regard to countries, tech, etc.

Have suggestions, comments, concerns, etc? Feel free to message me or comment.

Looking forward to the weeks ahead! Happy New Year!


Good to see the mod alive again!

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