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The following is a mod update as of: July 8, 2011.

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Hello everyone,

Well, I got some good news. The mod is coming along alright and so far I plan to release it hopefully sometime by the end of this July. Here's a rundown on the progress I made so far since the last update:

-Unfortunately, I'm not having luck in coding the Skyhook unit to be able to fire weapons from it's own platform because I don't have weapon hardpoints made for it nor do I know how to do that since it's kind of a modelling issue and I have no actual experience in making game models. However, if I can send the .alo file to anyone who would be interested in making weapons hardpoints for the Skyhook or even creating their own Skyhook that I can add to the mod with the weapons hardpoints, please feel free to let me know if anyone one of you who knows how to do this and is interested. The Skyhook however, will be in the mod and I won't delay the release of the mod because of this. It still works as an effective mobile space unit that can deploy lots of squadrons of fighters and bombers for the Consortiums while allowing the player to make basic space station upgrades as they would with a level 1 or 2 space station.

-I have now successfully added Prago the Lesser's icon as one of the main galactic hero icons for the Consortium in the galactic campaign map. Unfortunately, by doing so I had to play around with this and since I'm modding after the original mod of Absolute Corruption 2.4, I decided to take Guri out since her icon has showed by default for the Equal Footing galactic conquest campaign map. It was a tough choice, but I decided that I'll probably add Guri to the later second version of the mod. Sorry for those who maybe disappointed in my decision of taking Guri out of the mod, but Xizor of course is still in the mod (which I would never get rid of) if there's any consolation for my fellow "Shadows of the Empire" fans.

-I have nearly finished in adding special unique abilities to the hero units that are new in the mod. Darth Rex can do force lightning and force whirlwind, Prago the Lesser can do force corrupt on enemies, Serra Nova can do force cloak/shroud and force telikinesis, Dash Rendar can do ECMP blast and switch to using a plasma grenade launcher, Jenna Nightfall can sprint, and the Outrider can deploy a harmonic bomb/seismic charge much like the Slave I did in Episode II. Hopefully these new abilities will make the players have a more enjoyable time in playing these new hero units.

-I also did the same thing with Prago the Lesser as I did with Tyber Zann in making both units have accompanied units to save the player more out of their unit pop. cap. for land battles since their is only ten and I don't know how to make it higher yet. Basically it works like a hero team package deal. If anyone knows from following the Rise of the Shadows mod so far, I have made Tyber Zann accompanied by Prince Xizor and Jabba the Hutt as three units counted as one. In that regards I have decided to do the same thing with the three heroes that I created specifically for the plot of the mod as well as being heroes for the Consortium. I have made Prago the Lesser the main galactic map unit but during land battles he will be accompanied by fellow heroes Darth Rex and Serra Nova. By doing this the player can see there are an advantage and a disadvantage in doing this. Again the advantage is that I have made these three heroes counted as one unit by merging as a team under Prago the Lesser's icon, though in land battles the three heroes will have their own individual icons show up as well as the special background story bios that I made for them in the mod. On the down side being a disadvantage, these three heroes can only be deployed together as one unit and you will only see Prago the Lesser's icon and history bio. in the galactic campaign map mode. This was a tough choice, but I think this is worth it since players can deploy two additional company units since I made these heroes into a package unit if the player wanted to deploy all three of them at once in a land battle.

*Other than that I have a few more things to do for the mod before I start making readme files. If anyone has any feedback about my idea of merging the three Consortium heroes into one team package unit please feel free to give me feedback. This was a hard choice for me because I definitely weighed in the pros and cons as I have explained above and I may conisder in making the three heroes as separate individual team units if the overall concensus of feedbacks convinces me that this is not a good idea. One thing though, I only figured out how to add Prago the Lesser's icon at the top of the galactic campaign map by taking Guri's place and I don't know how to add more for Darth Rex and Serra Nova, so their icons for the first version of this mod won't show up at the top, except for land battles, regardless if I make them a team package unit or separate units.

Thanks for everyone's mod fan support. I can't wait to release "Rise of the Shadows" in a few weeks from now.




If you want to increase the land pop cap look in factions.xml and expansion_factions.xml and look for Land Skirmish Unit Cap By Player Count. You'll see three numbers with 0, 1, and 8. Add the number you want by each one. If you want max land cap to be 20, put in 21. If you leave it as 20, you'll only get 19. You also might want change the Space Tactical Unit Cap for each faction. Try doing 40 for each faction. It may sound like a lot, but there's a lot of mods that used that use that amount.

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Darth_Rex Author

Thanks Admiral-Ace, I'll look into that this week to see if I can increase the land caps. I'll probably increase it to the max as 20 since I think large land battles can be very exciting. I'll probably also take your advice on the space caps as well if I can figure that out also. Btw, do you think that I should have the heroes Prago, Darth Rex, and Serra Nova merged as one team unit or as separate units? I definitely like your feedback as well as everyone else's for this proposal. If I don't get feedback most likely I'll stick to having them merged as one team unit.

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looking forward to this

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