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The shadows have arrived! The Rise of the Shadows mod has successfully been uploaded to!

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Finally the wait is over! The Rise of the Shadows mod awaits to be downloaded! A new chapter theme in the Star Wars galaxy awaits Star Wars fans. Choose to play the Empire and conquer the galaxy with large fleets of ships and hordes of Tie squadrons, or the Rebels with their unconventional and daring tactics along with new heroes such as Dash Rendar, the Outrider, and Jenna Nightfall. Meanwhile, the corrupt side is ready to emerge from the shadows once again and take hold of the galaxy under the sway of the newly formed Consortium of Criminal Networks (CCN) led by Tyber Zann of the Zann Consortium, Jabba the Hutt of the Hutt Cartel, and Prince Xizor of the Black Sun. Together they form a deadly underworld alliance along with a newly formed regime on Geonosis headed by Archduke Prago the Lesser and militarily led by his adopted Dark Jedi son, Darth Rex, along with his new found love and apprentice in training, Serra Nova. Together the CCN fight along with Rebel support against the Empire in an epic battle of what became known as the Liberation of Geonosis. This mod represents the trying times mainly between the events of Episode IV: A New Hope and Shadows of the Empire. All three factions are ready for war, the question is which side will you play first upon downloading this mod...?

Thanks everyone for supporting this mod. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did in taking part to develop it. With luck, I plan to release a later second version of the mod (that will have an actual campaign or at least new corrupt story oriented missions), but for now I hope all of you will really enjoy the first version of the Rise of the Shadows mod.

Best regards, Darth_Rex


its a good idea sure but there are somethings you can improve as re-work hardpoints (look at alliance, RaW or any major mod), get some new models, new and better effects and the you have a great mod not just a good mod
my opinion of course and good luck in you mod

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Darth_Rex Author

Thanks for the input. This is a good starting point I guess for the first version of the mod but yeah there's a lot of work that I look forward to doing in making the mod better for the later second version.

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