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Here is the next big update for my submod. A lot of work went into this so enjoy!

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I am proud to present you Rise of the Empire, my first GC ever made. This GC is centered around playing as either the Galactic Empire or the CIS pretty much directly after Order 66.


All of the republic ships and land units in this GC are textured grey, just like at the end of Revenge of the Sith, and you can now build as many Star Destroyers as you like. I also made it so after Order 66 in the Fall of the Jedi GC, you train only grey units as well. I like the immersion, so I hope you do too.

SD GreyGrey Fighters

New Units:

In this new Galactic Conquest, you'll find that not everyone supports the Empire. Planets like Corellia and Mon Calamari now support the CIS, so they can train some new units there.


This update isn't all about this GC though, I have made a lot of smaller tweaks based on YOUR feedback!

Full List:

New Units:
Acclamator II (Rep, Tech 2)
Mere Cruiser (Rep, Ord Mantell)
Nym, Vana Sage, and Jenkins (Rep, Ord Mantell)
Jet Trooper (Republic, ARC facility)
Octuptarra Magna Tri-Droid (CIS, Heavy Vehicle Factory)
Mon Calamari Cruiser (Rep, Mon Calamari, Cap of 3)
Corellian Destroyer (Rep, Corellia, Cap of 3)
NOTE: In ROTE, the empire can't train them, the CIS can.

New Heroes:
Mar Tuuk (CIS, Lucrehulk, Tech 2.
General Kalani (CIS, Fleet Commander, Tech 3).

New Planets:
Christophsis to following GC's: ROTE,FOTJ, Clone Wars, Outer Rim Sieges, From Ashes.

New GC:
Rise of the Empire

Misc Changes:
Added custom settings for all GC's except FOTJ and ROTE.
Added ability for a lot more planets to build Mining Facilities.
Doubled pop points for all landing zones.
Added the following units to land skirmish: AT-XT, Octuptarra, Death Watch, Trandoshan Slavers.
Added the following units to space skirmish: Umbaran Fighter, Gauntlet Fighter, Pinnance Dreadnought, Z-95 Fighter, N1 Fighter, Acclamator II, Corellian Destroyer.

Republic Changes:
Red Squadron now gets purged with Order 66.
Lok Revenants now get purged with Order 66.
Buffed Acclamator shields from 1600 to 1800.
Acclamators now spawn V-Wings at Tech 5.
Replaced the light blue acclamator lasers with a darker one.
Gave Clone Commandos and Snipers a small shield.
AT-RT changes: Slightly lowered health, increased damage, and increased cost.
Gave Ki-Adi Mundi a Venator for space battles.

CIS Changes:
All CIS ships now get Hyena Bombers after Tech 4.
Lowered Dwarf Spider Droid pop cost to 1.
Lowered Hailfire Tank cost from 850 to 750.
Buffed Munificent Frigate shields from 1200 to 1300.
Increased Lucrehulk speed from 1.0 to 1.2

Bug Fixes:
Fixed issue allowing minor named Jedi to multiply.
Fixed Core Assault GC issue where you could train P1 clones after Tech 5.
Fixed glitch preventing BX Commandos from moving.
Fixed text for Clone Captains.

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you know what could be pretty dope, buffing vader, he sucks in te normal RAW, he's vanilla vader and it's hopelessly underpowered, same with palpatine, i don't know how good of a modder you are but just buffing the hp and giving them regen could fix it somewhat

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