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RF Infiltration Update for Competitive Events. See the feature list below.

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I've released a polished version of the mod, v0.63, for competitive events. New in version 0.63 is the addition of an Infiltration conversion of the cut map, as well as the Infiltration mode itself. The Infiltration mode runs in a patch of Raised Fist called rf_infiltration.

The new Infiltration game mode is explained here:

New additions in v0.63 of Raised Fist and rf_infiltration:
- Three kits per faction: one sniper rifle kit (Gewehrz43/No4Sniper) and two assault kits (FG42/Bren and MP40/Sten)
- 1 smoke grenade for one of the assault kits of the Commando faction (Sten)
- Removed zoom on Sten and Shotgun
- 7 knives per kit
- New Cut map, made by Tommy Leclaire from Nateos and fixed by me
- Only 1 grenade per kit
- New menu background image for both mods
- Med packs and ammo boxes completely removed from all maps
- Factions are German Elite vs Commando, not Blue Team vs Red Team
- Infiltration mode is supported on RF Frostbite and Cut maps
- New spawn once system in both maps
- Console Unlocker disabled on all maps
- Both the main Raised Fist mod (raised_fist) and the RF Infiltration patch (rf_infiltration) support Unpure mode

Both the Cut and RF Frostbite maps have been tested online and seem to be working fine.

Client Files
Raised Fist + RF Infiltration (20-09-2020)

If you previously had another version of these mods, please delete them from your Mods folder before you install the new files.

If you would like to test out the mod, it is on the SiMPLE | Battlegrounds server, which can be turned on by request. IP:Port is PM me for the password. Practice clan wars will be hosted on the server in the coming weeks, and a cup is being prepared.

Join this Discord: to stay informed on the upcoming events on the SiMPLE | Battlegrounds server.

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