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so i basically stopped for awhile and now i'm back hopefully yea don't worry.

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"Official 0.0.0 release"

Not an actual release more of a refresh from awhile ago and looking ahead at what i need to do and if any of you guys can help me with this i'd be grateful (unless it says done or i shall do myself then dont worry)

Things to do:

Indie DB Forum Board set up- Done

Remake the Izu bonin Discord group - To be done by me

Make a Twitter for Northern Lights Productions - To be Done by me

Make a Telegram Group/Channel for Izu Bonin - To be done - fans may help but inquire to me on Telegram first

Sort out competition for Alpha Testers - not to be done yet*

Work on some trial art of stuff like poke balls etc. - To be done - i shall do it but ask for your feedback or you can send me some ideas on discord, telegram or discord

Thats about it! my discord is: Archy#4557 ; Twitter ArchyArc/Archythearcanine/ArchyArcanine (Will be changed soon, will update later on. Telegram: ^~^ [Archicles] (Again will be changed soon)

*Note: this is to be done when i get enough entries, lets say 30-40 then i will do the raffle at the Beginning of March. check the previous Article or my comment below saying about Alpha testers

Archy Signing Off..


P.S. you forgot the 'r' in your discord tag, it's "Archy#4557"

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ArchyArcanine Author

fixed lol thanks

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