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Paid mods

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I know, this is a common topic for (possibly once) fans of Bethesda as of late. Having mods that come equipped with a price tag, for both Skyrim and Fallout 4. Much of the fan base is severely divided over this idea, over a few of the issues that form from it. I'd like to take a moment and discuss what issues I see in it.

One of the first issues, and one of the most prominent ones I think, is the paying for mods itself. Take a look at the Nexus mods, a free to use service that is one of the main hosts for free mods for a lot of games out there, not just skyrim and fallout 4. With a free method to get mods, what's the point of paying for them? Why pay for what you can get for free? A major proponent for the paid mods comes from the developers of the mods in question, in that they would like the opportunity to be rewarded with something more than just upvotes for the md. I can understand that, some of the mods out there, the real colossal ones like Moonpath to Elsweyr or Skyblivion, they have a lot of time and effort put into them, and it would make sense that the developers should get a little kickback for their efforts. But where does the line between compensation and not get drawn? How big does a mod need to be, how much additional content needs to be added before a majority of people agree that "yeah, I'd give these guys money for their work?" Of course, I know that there will always be those who wouldn't want to pay for any mods to any game, those people may be most intolerant to paid mods. So then, is it solely a personal thing, how big a mod has to get before you pull out the wallet?

On the topic of content warranting payment, one has to wonder, what amount of content is worth the price tag of some of these mods? Do we delve into the realm of Horse Armor again? Overpriced mods with little material in them? Back to the large mods mentioned before, they might even be considered unofficial expansion packs, they'd be worth a considerable sum with all the new features/content/locations in them. Compare to something as simple as pip-boy camo paint jobs, that's just a simple retexture, nothing is really added. How much would that be worth, if anything at all? Is there a set formula for how much content is worth x amount of dollars and cents?

As someone who doesn't have a lot of space money, nor a lot of free time to play these games, so I'm not wholly vested in this whole debate. In my near-baseless opinions, the paid mods would be a valid means for some developers to be compensated, but there needs to be some heavy moderation for both the prices and the content of the mods. I think the biggest issue with today is the lack of forethought with fair pricing and amount of content in the mods.

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