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After a year of college, I finally remembered my account on MODDB. This is ER's planning direction.

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Hello, players of ER.

This is the fourth time that I have found my password.Although I make up my mind not to forget my password every time, I forget it again after a few weeks.
In the year that I disappeared, I still continued to update the Mod on China's social platform (and made a second Mod, which will be mentioned in the afternoon).

The latest version of ER is 2.77.Many new units, new mechanisms and new amendments have been installed. I will choose a few important ones to describe.

1. Nuclear Weapon

New rules of the game: Enable the nuclear weapons competition, and check this item to play the unique nuclear weapons competition system.

Now you can upgrade [Nuclear Energy Research] in the Air Base, and you need to complete the fifth stage by Player Tech.

After the upgrade, you can build a [Nuclear Weapon Production Factory] at the defense interface.

The assembled nuclear weapons are allowed to be assigned to the horizontal bombers in the airport, and the nuclear bombs will be dropped in the next attack.

The nuclear bomb has a huge killing range, regardless of the enemy or the enemy, and will cause sustained damage within the range, 100 points per second. Nuclear bombs can kill all existing units.

Although nuclear weapons have great power, aircraft can be shot down, and the destroyed aircraft will not trigger a nuclear explosion. At the same time, the CD of nuclear weapons is very long, and any player who completes the nuclear weapons manufacturing factory will trigger a global reminder.

2. Epic Units

Now each faction can produce powerful epic units.Epic units are considered to be victory targets, and all buildings including epic units must be destroyed to win.
Epic unit list:

  • Soviet:IS-3 Heavy Tank;Object 268 Tank Destroyer;Type 23 "Soviet" battleship
  • East Germany:Maus Heavy Tank;E-75 Heavy Tank;Bismarck Battleship;Graf Zeppelin Aircraft
  • West Germany:E-100 HeavyTank;E-75 Heavy Tank;Me-262;H41 Battleship;Graf Zeppelin Aircraft
  • America:T26E4 HeavyTank;T95 Tank Destroyer;Iowa Battleship;York City Aircraft

You need to build [Experimental Armament Design Bureau] to unlock Epic Units

3. New Units

In fact, after dozens of versions from 2.185 to 2.77, there are so many new units that it is difficult to introduce them all because of the limited space.

Here is the picture of the more important units.


sshot0011 1


sshot0009 1


arphax - - 441 comments

nice hope you rescale the units close to realistic...

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IronRata - - 75 comments

Excellent work, congratulations.

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Guest - - 692,260 comments

when will the update come out? I just want to feel the update.

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