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Note: 4GB-Pitch must be installed for this Mod to run normally. This article mainly talks about what new things ER has done this year.

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This article mainly talks about what new things ER has done this year.

There is another unfortunate news, because there are so many contents that the translation is difficult, and it may be completed in two weeks. As English is not my native language, I can only rely on machine translation and fine-tune.

In China, many players can't understand the video tutorials that ER comes with. For this reason, I re-recorded a new video, and I will translate it into English. At the same time, ER now comes with two files: player manual and Update log, and I will translate them to help players get started better.

New Mod

As hard as it sounds, I am now in charge of the development process of multiple mods at the same time.The creator of another Mod, [War of Power], invited me to develop it for them.So you may see each other's shadows in ER or WOP.
Back to ER, this year I developed three other mods, namely Eisenreich-ModernWarfare(ER-MW), Eisenreich-NorthAfrica(ER-NA) and Eisenreich-Empire(ERE).

ER-MW is the most important content of this year, including four Faction, Russia, the United States, the European Union and China.

  • USA has a strong air force, while the army is its shortcoming (in fact, I was once worried that USA had no real equipment to fill the vacancy)Compared with other Faction, the U.S. Air Force has more B-52 and AC-130 and A-10. At the same time, the initial fighter F-15 has far more bomb load than other initial fighter, which makes it easier for the U.S. to win air superiority and maintain air support efficiency.
  • Russia has a strong army, and the air force should not be underestimated. There are no real restrictions in the game, and they are a balanced army.They not only have large caliber guns such as 2S7, but also have advanced 2S35 SPG, which can suppress opponents with extremely high firing rate. And Russia's T-90M and T-14 have advanced active defense systems, which can protect themselves well before ATGM.
  • The EU has a very special science and technology tree. They need to unlock the designated armored vehicles, tanks and self-propelled guns through a special interface. At the same time, they are also the camp with the most units.There are four internal units in Germany, Italy, Britain and France, which are different. You can choose Challenger 2 tank or powerful Leopard 2 tank, or Ariete tank with high cost performance, etc. according to your needs.
  • Finally, there is China. China's army units are very strong, and these vehicles, which have absorbed the technologies of the Soviet Union and NATO at the same time, have good strength. As for the Air Force, the PLA Air Force is very strong on jets, but on helicopters, the Z-19 is far inferior to American Apache and Russian Ka-52, which is also its biggest defect.

At present, not all the equipments in various countries have been tested in actual combat (in fact, this is also a good thing), so I set a lot of MW data by myself, and there may be some unreasonable situations. You can leave a message after my translation is completed and uploaded, and I will deal with it from the first perspective I see.

Compared with ER, MW is more hardcore. Tanks need crew to drive, anti-aircraft missiles need radar-assisted locking, vehicles have ammunition settings, and helicopters need to stop at the airport to replenish ammunition.Moreover, the air force has more powerful power, and the ground forces without air defense will be devastated by helicopters and attack aircraft.

The following is a preview of MW. At present, the latest version of MW is 2.02









I hope all players can support ER and MW. Your support is the biggest encouragement to me.

Stop Updating

Don't be nervous, I don't mean to abandon ER. Because of the limitation of RA3 engine, the Mod can't do too much, and ER and MW are close to the upper limit, so I expect ER will stop in version 2.8, and MW may stop in version 2.2. After that, there will be no new units, and only necessary data adjustments will be made.

In short, ER and MW are being translated, please wait patiently.

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