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A public poll has been opened. Vote for your favorite China General that you want to see in our mod.

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Hey guys, originally this mod was planned to have a China Flame General, but owing to concerns raised that many mods have already done a China Flame General, we decided to open up the decision to you guys. There are 6 choices here:

1. Flame General (different from other mods hopefully)
2. Propaganda General
3. Gattling General
4. Hacker General
5. Airforce General
6. Artillery General

Go to to vote. We look forward to your opinion!


PeeWee_89 - - 241 comments

Hard time seeing 2 and 4 as good generals.
1 and 6 are already done by others.
5 is already in USA.
So... 3, maybe?

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GJK21 - - 336 comments

2 & 6 or 5

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Steelmax - - 62 comments


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semsteve - - 60 comments

2 surely

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Spiteful_Crow - - 68 comments

Change 4 to "Electronic warfare General" and it'll be cooler.

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Bewinxed - - 4 comments

Agreed! ^-^ im sure that will jog the minds of the mod creator to make so much "EWF" Weapons and stuff =D

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OMGpotatoes - - 14 comments

2 And 4

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aidas2 - - 3,816 comments

2 or 4 and 6, China is quite famous for their firewalls and artillery. Could use many at guns and rocket launchers for arty gen.

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Bewinxed - - 4 comments

i would vote 1 if china could have like.......A firewall of some sort, u know? like the one in Tiberian sun? that wouldn't let anything pass by for a temporary while, though this might be a little hard to accomplish, technically :p

though the hacker general can have the firwall too, right?

I would vote for the gattling general then, since it's something new? i guess? and go Atatatatatatataaaaaaaa all over the AI's arse XD

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Chinka - - 837 comments

Maybe Electronic Combat General? :>

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p3ac3k33p3r Author
p3ac3k33p3r - - 45 comments

thx ppl, the poll is now closed and the Hacker General is the most popular choice. For more info, check out the forum.

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