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New update 0.90 In this update we have added 9 missions ( for now 40 ) both tactical and strategy. Corrects some bugs in the AI system ( A* pathfinder and strategy/tactical weight determined ) Now we are working on new missions/battles and development for NintendoDS.

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What's new?

* 9 new missions introducing takeground and reinforcements rules
* AI behaviour: beginning state for new reinforcements
* activated opengl mipmap
* prepared in-game rulebook titles
* draggable map during takeground
* mission numbers in selector
* can click on shaded tiles to unselect current unit

* independent debug for dice, help, astar, attack, missions
* in-game rulebook structure and categories
* inverted order of missions 16 and 18
* terrain string definitions system
* display of completed missions
* takeground UI: only if destination tile clicked
* when hex-info displayed, actions not allowed

* destroyed unit animations were continuing after casualties phase
* watchdog AI attacking empty tile after retreat
* wrong alignment when 2 special cards shown together
* retreat across river
* access violation after defeat
* sidemountain not considered by AI pathfinding
* sideforest not considered for stopper destination tiles
* takeground losing UI after hexinfo displayed
* memory not freed in classes Master and Music

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