Founded in Zelo ( Rovigo ), Italy.
Start programming on C64 and MSX.
The first review (on legendary italian magazine MCMicrocomputer) for "T.P." a chemistry game on 1992.
Review on "Computer Graphics Italia" for Alchemy 2.0 on 1995.

Developing software and videogames for Amiga, Windows, MacOs, console ( XBox, PlayStation, PS2, GBA, DS ) and mobile ( Android, iOs ).
Virtual Ball Fighters
Virtual Ball Advance
Chess Mania
Digital Chess
Koso! First Adventure
Koso! Puzzle World
Lord of Dragons

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Retaliation Path of Rome

General distance implementation

Retaliation Enemy Mine 2

Android version update

How you'll manage your nation will hence be heavily influenced by your rivals and how they behave and how they perform. For example, the prices of the in-game trade economy reflect the total world supply and demand.

In addition to the campaign mode, you can also fight custom battles on parametric maps, like in the first Enemy Mine, choosing the number of opponents (including local human players) and a wide variety of options like mapsize, fog of war, tactical match...


ITAG Conference Nottingham

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XTeam Software Solution

XTeam Software Solution

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XTeam Software Solution is a professional developer of interactive software, internet applications, web sites and videogames. Since 1992 we created several...

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