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'Boss fights' mechanics is one of the most fun and challenging game mechanics in the games. They test the player's strength and knowledge of their own skills.

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There are several bosses that players can encounter in the game.

Let me show some of these, so you will be prepared to meet with them...or not.


Proto.Fiend - a pile of metal trash that was filled with dark evil energy. It seeks the annihilation of every living being, so you must stop it until it's too late.


Proto.Ripper - literally demonic angel of death. It can throw lost souls at the player and spawn dark souls fountains. Watch your positioning on the battlefield!


Zombie Commander - a professional human soldier that was turned into walking dead after absorbing evil dark energy, a lot of it.
Somehow he kept his sanity but also gained a lot of insanity.
He is tough but is vulnerable to the waste material of Re.Surs energy.
Use this advantage for fighting with him!

This is it for now. More bosses waiting for you in a game!
If you want to see more and fight these bosses personally consider adding a game to your wishlist.

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