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Hey, we're back from the dead. We have a lot of art and details to share in the coming weeks. Stay tuned guys!

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So it's been about a year, maybe longer since I started this page. Fleet Hackers is now officially back on line. We are getting the band back together, creating some great space ships, story, and of course the game. We haven't shown much of the game yet, but hope to reveal the prototype soon since a lot of design work went in to just being able to move a darn ship!

Our goal was to design an intuitive system for ship control and navigation. We want the player to be the captain of a 45,000 ton 200 crew Frigate. The ship will have enough power to supply New York city for a whole month! Everything costs energy, from those flash star treky button lights, to that giant ion cannon mounted on the hull.

You are a part of a vast rebel fleet that is dying out because your powers against the great ruling corporations are dwindling as they hunt down and destroy rebels that still resist the capitalist regime. But you and your crew manage to stage a prison break on a planet that holds one of the deadliest weapon known to man. The TLR-015 prototype command frigate. The only way to keep the rebellion from falling apart is to strike the heart of the Intergalactic Terran Trading Company. In order to do so, you will need to muster a fleet. You can take the diplomatic route....or not because you're not a politician. Or you can use your special ship to capture or recruit a fleet of space faring bad asses.

You will need to tactically assess the situation, plan out your attack, figure out what the best point of entry and exit is. You will be in command of a prototype command ship with an advanced AI that can take control of other ships. But you'll need a little help from your trusty weapons, and of course your loyal marines too. Sometimes when you just don't feel like its a good day to fight, you can try negotiating with your opponents, maybe you guys can work something out. Steal a nearby freighter, hire a ship on as mercenaries, the choice is yours.

This is fleet building game, but you're not a mining expert, or an engineer. You are a bona fide starship captain, with the means to capture or recruit ships to fight for your cause.

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