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In this tutorial: We look at the mechanics of Resurrection in Fall of Kobol.

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Fall of Kobol: Resurrection Tutorial

Resurrection Tutorial

Welcome to the Cylon resurrection tutorial. In this tutorial we'll learn the mechanics of Resurrection and discuss some of the changes that will be happening in the next release to make resurrection even better.

What is Resurrection?

Resurrection is the capability of the Cylon's to download their conscience shortly after death and then resurrected in a new body. Resurrection of the semi-sentient personalities of Raiders also can be retrieved. This allows the Raiders to return to fight with greater tactical awareness.

In order for Resurrection to work a Cylon must die within range of a Resurrection Hub or Resurrection Ship.

How is Resurrection represented in Fall of Kobol?

Resurrection in Fall of Kobol allows resurrection capable ships to download their conscience in the form of antimatter to a Resurrection Hub shortly after death. The Resurrection Hub can then use that stored conscience to resurrect new Capital Ships or Frigates. In order for resurrection to work the ship must die within range of a Resurrection Hub or Resurrection Ship.

What is the Resurrection Hub?

The Resurrection Hub is a Super-weapon class tactical structure built via the Tactical Structures menu option after researching the appropriate Technology. As it is classed as a Superweapon, normal rules apply such as needing 4 planets before the first Resurrection Hub can be built.

Loyalist's Research: Apotheosis: Virtual Immortality
Rebel's Research: Apotheosis: Resurrection

The Resurrection Hub is able to convert the stored conscience (i.e. anti-matter) into newly resurrected ships by activating it's Resurrection abilities: Resurrect Capital Ship, Resurrect Combat Fleet, Resurrect Support Fleet. When enough anti-matter is gained to resurrect ships, a resurrection beacon will be created until such time as free fleet or capital supply is available. Once fleet or capital supply requirements are met the newly resurrected ships will appear in the same gravity well as the Resurrection Hub.

Warning: Let resurrection run on it's own. Due to restrictions with Sins modding clicking Resurrect while there is already a pending beacon will only use up the anti-matter without generating a new Beacon.

(Note: 1.82.36 version will resurrect more units that fleet supply allows. This feature will be replaced with resurrection beacons in the next patch or build)

Resurrection Tutorial

The Resurrection Hub broadcasts it's signal via it's first ability "Resurrection Broadcast". Hovering over this ability shows a "Sins special" of a painfully long infocard for a complicated ability. What this basically says is how much anti-matter will upload to the Hub and how much organic matter (credits) will be refunded to the player. Resurrection Broadcast also allows Resurrection Capable ships to "Link" to the Hub. Any "Linked" ship will download the indicated anti-matter and credits.

The range of "Resurrection Broadcast" includes the Gravity Well the Hub is in and any nearby Gravity Wells.

Resurrection Broadcast Resurrection Range

What ships are currently Resurrection capable?
Capital Class Basestar
Heavy Basestar
Light Basestar

How can I tell if a ship is Resurrection capable in game?

Ships that are resurrection capable will have a "Resurrection Link" ability in their 5th slot.

Resurrection Link Resurrection Link

How can I tell if a ship is "Linked" to the Hub and will be resurrected?

Any ship that is "Linked" to the Hub will show red and green text of "resurrection linked".

(Note: 1.82.36 has a bug where ships still show as linked if the Hub or last Resurrection Ship dies until they FTL to a different gravity well. This will be fixed in the next patch or build).

Resurrection Linked

How do I use Resurrection Ships to extend the Range of Resurrection?

While the Resurrection Hub is restricted to within one jump from the Hub, Resurrection Ships can extend a Hub's range to an entire star system.

Resurrection Tutorial Resurrection Tutorial

Both the Capital Class and Light Resurrection Ships support extending resurrection via the "Extend Resurrection" ability. This ability to "Extend Resurrection" requires the Resurrection Ship to be in the same Gravity Well when the resurrection capable ship dies.

(Note: 1.82.36 has a bug where capital class resurrection ships aren't attaching to the Hub, This will be fixed in the next patch or build)

Extend Resurrection

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