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Hello. Here is the first developer diary from our new game Resumption.

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Hello community.

It is some time from when we announced our new game Resumption. Here is the game progress what we already done and a bit of planned things.

Day/night cycle
We have already done full day/night cycle. Cycle will affect various of things such as solar panels etc. (They will be disabled during night)

Survival aspect
Since you are on the inhospitable planet you will need to take care of energy, oxygen, food and water supplies. More people on the board means less supplies for individuals. There will be also building supplies as well.

We are developing full featured cooperative multiplayer up to four people. We have four player specializations (which can be leveled up), where each one has some advantages. Of course in single player you can choose specialization as well. Game will support LAN and Internet IP connection.

Game world
From beginning we planned to use one big world, but we managed to use randomly generated so each player/players will have very own adventure. It is an open world so you can build whatever you need, place it anywhere you want, only limitations are energy and resources which you will need to find and gather. There will be a crafting system in which you can build even vehicles. You can expect a lot of fun but also challenge.


Game will feature storyline in which you will progress anytime you want so you will not be forced to do things if you are not intrested right away. We also planning three game phases but we will reveal them later.

We decided to use stylish graphic because with this we can create whatever we want and make game as we planned.

More news to come...

We also launched Greenlight for our previous game Pulse Shift, so if you like it, please vote here :

Thanks for you support !
3 Core Studio.

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