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Some information about the recent updates of Portal: Project-Beta and the future goals of the project.

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After almost a full year since release, the mod has been restructured to make things more clear. Through out the entire process of Project-Beta, many of us have a "favorite era" of development. It was always hard for us to target one point in history, so the current mod is the full game as of December 2006. With some exceptions, only the files needed to play that build are included, this helps with keeping the file size down.

This is a good place to start as you can add content to mimic the look before that or a bit after. Content packs like the X06 Content pack is a great example. The pack adds the X06 demo map, and triggers the era check in the mod's code which corrects the tone-mapping, and colors. This is dated from September 2006, the time in which the X06 expo took place.

It's difficult to put content in their own box. For example, for content that's a tad older such as the flame portals and the F-22 skin needs the x06 content and tone map fix, but other than that, it's do-able, and it is next in the pipeline. The real challenge is the 2005 look as the project was in rapid development! Multiple portals, multiple guns, brush models vs actual models, and there is no references really to go off of when it comes to when a certain piece of content was introduced.

The goal of this project now is to have this mod to be "the place" for all content relating to the development of Portal. While I'm in no position to remake everything, what I can do is release content in packs in which anyone can take and do what they will. I strongly recommend adding your packs to the download/addons page on this page instead of making your own beta mod. However, you're still free to use the content in what ever you like; as long as you give proper credit.

You can help with the project by cloning this repo and installing it in a clean Source SDK 2013 code base. Feel free to do pull requests and submit issues if needed.

You're also free to make new maps with a certain style and submit it to the downloads/addons page. I'm currently for fun remaking a map I did several years ago. While Portal 2 pretty much took over all of Portal mapping these days, I'd be cool to play some puzzles with an older style.

In the pipeline I got:

  • Early 2006 Content
  • Find a way to package 2005 content
  • Linux build

Some of the download files will update overtime, so be sure to stay tuned!


Why this mod doesn't have its own moddb page?

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