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Resident Evil Valiant Developement Progress, many Changes, Weapons etc...

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Hello, today we got some Exciting Updates for REV, last weekend we Found a Coder wich has been Hard working to get some Changes in.

New 50% Increased Weapon HUD with new Images and many new weapons

The First of many new Weapons, the M79 Grenade Launcher

Items will no longer be Picked up by Moving over them but by pressing USE to pick up, this increases Health, Weapons, Ammo and Items

When Zombies attack you you are Shaking a bit and will be Stunned for 2 Seconds so you cant move and should stay on Distance to them

the most Exciting Change is the use of a new Entity called env_paper wich work like in Resident evil to Display Text Messages from a txt file (just the text and the window is made coded, the background is a small black room with the paper as texture in background and a env_camera pointing on it)

1) Original Resident Evil

2) US (will be made white)

3) also us

now also a SUPER Exciting Thing, we got ourself a complete new Model of a UBCS (Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service) for use made by a friendly modeller with Original UBCS Textures and a High Detailed MP5 with Laser Vision like in the Movie Resident Evil Apocalypse

the NEXT Exciting Change is that we will have 3 Different Medic Weapons, in Resident Evil you picked up medkitsfor later use, in Half Life you run over them and they are used, in ReV you will pick up Medkits (max 20 of each 3) and have them stored in the weapon slot so you can use them later to instantly heal you (Green Herb 25%, Red Herb 50% First Aid Spray 100%)

Guess this -- >

got it yet? nope? its a soon to come(tm) Flamethrower

also something that will be LATER when we get another coder, the Original Resident Evil 3 STI EAGLE 6.0

we also Implemented MANY Weapon Changes

Handgun = 50% slower Firerate

Shotgun = 50% slower Firerate

Crossbow = 25% faster Firerate

Current Weapons:


Beretta M92FS Samurai Edge

Colt Single Action

Mac 11 Micro Uzi

Remington M1100 Shotgun


M79 Grenade Launcher


Rocket Launcher

Flamthrower (to come)

First Aid Spray (to come)

Green Herb (to come)

Red Herb (to come)

STI Eagle 6.0 (to come)

MP5 with Laser Pointer (to come)

TO COME 1) when we get another Coder there might be a system close to BHL (Brutal Half Life) were you shoot Zombies, UBCS or Police Officers and they Bleed Heavely and lose Body Parts, imagine shooting a zombie in the Head and it Explodes off.

TO COME 2 )also there will be a Recognition System like in Sven Coop (as seen on the screenshot below)

that tells Enemies and Friendly apart and lists there Names and Health

TO COME 3) there will be a Timer Entity and next to the Storylone a Defense Mode with multiple maps were u got to stay alive against Zombies for a specific time and find ammo, Medkits and Weapons to survive

what are we looking for?

1) Coder with alot of Experience with GoldSource and C++

2) Modeller for a small variety of Changes

3) Texture Artist for a few small HD images

for anything else call us.


Going to be the bad guy here. I'm not sure how you ended up on the frontpage when you are displaying SvenCoop content in your news, I don't even really understand why the flamethrower is here, the arms are not even swapped. You're also using Slartibarty's Blue Shift retexture for They Hunger on the plant model. While it's a mere retexture, it speaks for itself.

Please don't do this. Ask for permission or create your own content.

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Heffernan Author

theres not a single sven coop content here, if the Flamethrower is then it will be swapped but Svencoop does not have a flamethrower

slartybarty gave me permission to use his hands you can ask him on Discord, the rest is from free use pages or exclusivly made for us like the UBCS or the plant weapons

its unfair to say stuff is stolen while i either have permission or source of every model well.. exept the flamethrower and thats not even the point the point was to show most of the new content and features.

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I can actually confirm that SC has flamethrower models - both V_ & W_ models. There's simply proof, just by installing the standalone mod, that it's their content and not yours.
Also, just because you have the source of the model doesn't mean you get the permission to modify or claim by any means rights over that model.
I mean, the UBCS model isn't even custom, apart from a swapped MP5 model - it's the CS:CZ SAS model.
Most of your content that "you want to show as new" is basically plagiarized. You didn't even went crediting the original authors of it.

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I can confirm his confirmation.

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thought this was dead :P

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Heffernan Author

far from, we just reached our high point :)

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Heffernan Author

Firstly heres our Discord Secondly good news, the SvenCoop Developers (mainly Silencer/Zyl) allowed us to use there awesome Flamethrower Model (originally made by cSMG for SvenCoop but hes vanished so they decided to let us use it)

also our coder is working on the IFF System currently, more to come soon.

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