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Hello, today well like to present you a few new good things, a Website, New Models, a LARGE new Map and as always Hiring.

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Hello, today well like to present you a few new good things

First one: New Websites

but these are just to showoff whats coming Ingame


i Revivedthe old RETSP Map from The Specialist for our Mod with a new System Decribed below the Screenshot.

You are Trapped in the town of Mecklenburg without any Help, now you got to revive the town, Survive and Rebuild it, to do that you need to find Specific Items around thw Town wich will help you on your Task

5x Beer Cans Found = Spawns Redneck at the 7/11 that Defends the place

5x Ammo Bags Found = Spawns MCPD Officers at the MCPD to Defend

5x Cash Bags Found = Spawns Security Guards at the Mecklenburg Bank

5x Medical Bags Found = Unlocks Healing at the Mecklenburg Hosspital

5x Weaponitems found = Unlocks new weapons at the Gun Store

5x Wood Items Found = Bunkers in the MCPD to take less damage to the Officers

This is a Scoreboard of over 150 Entities lighting it up by a green Bar once you found a item to see how many you have left.

NEW INTRO (not finished)

As you can also see in the Video the Hgrunt has been reworked, instead of fireing 3 Shots and pausing after 8 fire circles he now Fires his whole Clip of 36 shots in 1 Go without any pause or using retarded 3 shots.

We are Still using the L4D1 Zombies but the whole system is borked, this is why we are continuing to hire.

1) Modeller capable of taking a few models (zombie1.mdl, zombie2.mdl, zombie3.mdl, zombie4.mdl, zombie5.mdl, zombie6.mdl, hgrunt.mdl, barney.mdl, scientist.mdl, survivor.mdl and giving them new bodygroups, at the moment most only have 1 normal bodygroup, but we need bodygroups for ON/OFF including the model rework all for head, lleg, rleg, larm, rarm, body

2) Coder experienced with C++ and Goldsource that can Help implement a body hit detection system as described in the modelling above, when you shoot a enemy he loses body parts ald bleeds like mad.

3) a Mapper highly experienced with Source or Goldsource that might help reworking the beauty of some maps, and create a 9th map as a Laboratory.

PredatorX - - 54 comments

Looking pretty good so far, keep it up! :)

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DevinShadowV - - 534 comments

so the mod isn't dead just closing up the Moddb page?

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Heffernan Author
Heffernan - - 140 comments

nope, were still on moddb, the websites are just to show off some more content eg Enemies and Weapons and stuff like that.

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DevinShadowV - - 534 comments

oh ok because the title kind of threw me off

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KrispyOS - - 1,285 comments


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