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A (second) Republic at War news update for the month of June, 2013.

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Current Project Status
As of yesterday evening, the testers have begun providing the team with feedback that will help us polish the final release build. As we've said before, the beta period will last approximately two weeks with the public release occurring a few days afterwards. We will be announcing a release date next week.

More information on Republic at War v1.1.5 can be found here and here.

Multiplayer Compatibility Poll
We're asking users to vote in the poll that we ran in a while back as it will help us better understand our fan-base. Both the RaW v1.1.5 Mod Launcher and the FOC Game Cleaner enable players to clear up compatibility issues between game versions, allowing for online play. Both apps currently sync to the retail (disc) version of Empire at War Forces of Corruption but we're seeing an increasing number of Steam users and want to accommodate the larger audience. Although you're not required to log in, we have been known to grab testers who have contributed to the forums *hint* *hint*.

Vote Here

We appreciate the support and hope you're looking forward to this month's release as much as we are.

Cyb3r - - 56 comments

got both retail and steam discs if i can get my old account running again on the forum i'll make a post later (bit too tired to dig for the acc atm)

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onikenshin - - 334 comments

I had an account a long time ago. I apparently made a duplicate account without knowing and it was banned...

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EclipseStardestroyer - - 1,716 comments

Have it on disk. Mainly because I didn't know about Steam when I got it, and I was more used to disks at the time anyways. Just glad after all these years, it still works! =D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
jordanthejq12 - - 304 comments

Oh, sweet! So around the twentieth or so? I can definitely wait.

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jeremylucas - - 15 comments

A very awesome game. Something i was waiting for a long time finally made reality. After watching the movie, always wished that star wars:FOC cld be converted and now it can! Just a small suggestion maybe cld fix the AI problem of not attacking and a few game lags? :) cheers! will be waiting for the next patch. :)

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grayo03 - - 61 comments

I had the AI not attacking glitch. Reinstalled RAW and the CIS just spam me with lucrehulks, providences, and fighters. I can't wait for the scramble GC. I can finally be able to handle fighting the enemy and gaining territory. The first RAW the GC maps were always too big and it was tough to keep all of my planets fortified.

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jeremylucas - - 15 comments

Hithanks for the advice and info. Installed RAW again and now the AI spams me too with fighters and lucrehulks. LOL. Well its better than fighting a brick wall. haha. Thanks alot. Cant wait for the new patch.

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kaiiban112 - - 14 comments

Im waaaaaant ! :D

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