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What is new in version 0.2.5, and what be new, and what bugs will be fixed in version 0.2.7.

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Hi, in short in new released version 0.2.5 I add: basic multiplayer, materials, main menu, localization file, main character in TPP view, new editor look and and way of work.
For now in multiplayer are options to host and joint to game, character moving and chat is working, also if one of players create or destroy vehicle others see that, but they don't see result of later creation.

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Key, buttons, functionality changes:
- [V] - now create wheel, WSAD+ZX in editor mode moving camera without pressed RMB
- [7] - show chat in multiplayer
- [C] - character(robot) mode create new vehicle
- [1] - in character/vehicle mode change camera between FPP/TPP
- [G] - in vehicle TPP mode set camera behaviour to follow behind vehicle
- [Q] - in editor can also remove selected bar and plate connectors
- [F] - in character or vehicle mode can switch between this two states
- [LCtrl + Delete] - remove all element from edited vehicles
- In editor vehicle can be complete remove from game by Delte button in upper/right corner
- In editor is now blue cube, it show position when new element will be palced
- Creating save, loading and changing physic settings operation can be done by main menu, is can by show by ESC key
- Now when Shift key is pressed can be selected from two to four element, when 4 is selected press [1] key to create quadric shape plate
- Each type of connectors (bar, plate) can be selected by clicking on it middle, in inspector will be show it name and widgets for changing it colour and material ,
- To remove connector select it and press [Q], just like normal element

Simple, Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

What new will be in next version:
- fixed multiplayer
- little fixed with saving files and editor works
- sounds of working most of elements
- changes of working air drag and transmission of fuel, power, torque and other things
- ability of placing none hull elements in any place, similar to method from Kerbal SP
- torque and other connector will return in different form
- new available type of construction - buildings


humman01 Author

OK, blue cube will be optionally, most people don't like it.

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cool man now we got side panels

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Hi! I got a little problem with mine. For some reason, I start the game, and any way I try to start whether it's load game or new game, It just crashes as soon as I click the button :(

I've already tried changing resolution, graphics settings and running the troubleshooter, please help!

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Good game, continue to develop it.

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You already have a Russian fan community of 167 people. Continue to develop the project, I believe that he will succeed. Good luck and thank you.

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Really fun work! We're really enjoying trying all the functions and can't wait for next release!!

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