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Renaissance is the last part of the Medieval Ages. The game starts at 1300 AD. The main difference is the gunpowder weapons, used on the battlefield. There will be no early knights or light spearmen - only pikemen and musketeers.

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Renaissance is the last period of the Middle Ages. It was the time of art, discoveries and glory, when gunpowder equipped armies faced each other in numerous battles across Europe.

Playing the M2TW I realised, that the latest period of the Middle Ages is less depicted. Many times I saw Mailed Knights, accompanying gunmen and pikemen, that looked extremely strange! Hence I decided to make a mod, that would show the Renaissance in all its splendor (taking into account my own knowledge and the possibilities og the game).


There are 24 factions in this part of the Medieval Trilogy:

  1. England;
  2. Scotland;
  3. Holy Roman Empire;
  4. France;
  5. Denmark;
  6. Milan;
  7. Venice;
  8. Papal States;
  9. Aragon (replacing Sicily);
  10. Spain (as a Castille);
  11. Portugal;
  12. Moors;
  13. Egypt;
  14. Arabia;
  15. Persia (Ilkhanate or Hülegü Ulus);
  16. Turks;
  17. Byzantium;
  18. Hungary;
  19. Poland;
  20. Russia;
  21. Golden Horde;
  22. Timurids;
  23. Aztecs;
  24. Rebels.

In addition, here are some screenshots:

1300 1

Russian army takes Kazan.

1300 2

Golden Horde gunpowder armed guards.

1300 3

Warriors of Ilkhanate facing Arabians.

1300 5

Papal States harquebusiers.

1300 4

Renaissance uhlans, attacking French pikemen.

1300 6

Aragonese gunners, firing at the Aztec city walls.

1300 9

Spanish cavalry strikes Aztec infantry.

1300 8

Strategic map when playing as Aragon.

1300 7

Strategic map when playing as Russia.

Have a good time, playing this mod!

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