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To be released is the Remnants of Malkier update, which retextures most units and adds in minor faction expansions for most factions and a major one for the Borderlands, Malkieri units.

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Remnants of Malkier Update:

Release Date: April 12, 2020

Unit Expansions:

  • Mercenary Units for Andor
    • Mercenary Spearmen
      • A cheap and skilled spearmen unit, with similar stats to Armored Sergeants but cheaper and liable to break when fighting a wind.
    • Mercenary Crossbowmen
      • Cheap crossbowmen who hit hard but can't stand up to most in melee, useful in numbers.
  • Sling-men for the Band of the Red Hand
    • An anti armor unit, they fire projectiles which can take out the best armored men with little difficulty,
  • First Banner for Seanchan
    • A versatile anti-cavalry unit, able to take down the heaviest cavalry, though not the best in combat against spearmen. They wield armor piercing precursor javelins and light armor piercing axes for melee. Spearmen can massacre them, but most cavalry is in trouble.
  • Idrien's Ballista for Cairhien
    • A cheaper siege weapon, made for anti infantry action, they can take down multiple enemies with a projectile from long range.
  • Malkieri Units for the Borderlands
    • Remnants of Malkier
      • Remnants of Malkier fill the needed basic heavy infantry unit for the Borderlands. Armed with swords and shield, they are your basic sword infantry
    • Malkieri Elite
      • Wearing the hadori and heavily armoured, carrying large 2-handed swords, they can take and deal out a beating.
    • High Guard of Malkier
      • Similar to the Deathwatch Guard of the Seanchan, they serve as the most elite and heavy Borderlander unit. They can cut through most enemies with ease, though aren't the best against cavalry.
    • Remnants of Malkier (Mounted)
      • They fill the melee cavalry role as a cheaper alternative to the Shienaran Lancers.
    • Malkieri Heavy Cav
      • Extremely heavy shock cavalry, though not as good as Shienaran Lancers in melee, they can cut through most enemies with their charge.


Most units and horses have been retextured to match their faction. The norm maps of the Seanchan and Deathwatch have been fixed.


The campaign will be released next update, within a month. Progress has been made, but there are some map problems.

Historic Battles:

Lan's fight at Tarwin's Gap against the Trolloc hordes has been added. Either fight as the Dark One and overwhelm them with numbers or play as the Borderlands and hold out against the overwhelming numbers. First one Trolloc army attacks, than the other three.

First Army:

The first of four armies attacks

The other three, constrained to fit the same size as the first:






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