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Hello. Today's topic is about ReLive V2.0 Update for Project Zombie Strike 2014 and how it will change to mod completely from previous releases

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Today's topic is about ReLive V2.0 Update for Project Zombie Strike 2014.
With this update that I'm currently working on with the team, everything will change.
As you might know from images posted, this mod took a theme switch completely
Let's start with some basic information, and what is coming to players

Base Maps: Complete Reworks

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I've been working weeks upon weeks to create more gamemodes for the base maps. But for some reasons, when given out the beta-builds to my testers, everyone reported the simple fact that game would simply crash if played in everything but Survival. I found myself in a really strange situation, and nearly decided to scrap everything for the old maps. Until I found out that Hotel Defense works perfectly fine with the new gamemodes implemented in the build. Thanks to this fact, I decided to completely remake the maps from scratch using properly made Bot support for the map. With that, the freshly made Project Skyscraper supports completely the new gamemodes that I've been working on for weeks if not months.
With that finally learned, all the base maps will be reworked to support the ReLive update. Along with this action being placed, some maps will have a name change due to the story not fitting the setting you are introduced. So here are the new updated names for the base mod:

The Skyscraper -> Project Skyscraper
I still have no idea why the older team didn't fix this ridiculous typo. Now that skyscraper is not a big part of the plot, this name should fit perfectly the operation. Since in the new gamemodes this tower will take a role in mission, I decided to keep the name similar to original

Hotel Defense -> City Sunset
Again, as with the previous map name, Hotel is no longer a very big part of the plot. In Survival, this building will take a part of the plot, but in the other game-modes, it's just a small checkpoint, or has only cosmetic values that grands nothing to players

Fade to Black Expansion Pack will keep the original name scheme, because I don't really find that of a trouble with the plot or storyline of the mod.

Fade to Black: Reworks again

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Because all of the maps featured in this expansion are based off the original maps from base mod, these maps will also be reworked over from scratch. Along with that, more works will be spent in extended gamemodes, because on the release most of effects were not fully made compatible with the mod. Most of the assets related to Alpha Squad and weapons are finished, as stated with the previous news and updates posted on the page. Faded Hotel put on hold until the other maps from this expansion won't be completely fixed.

ReLive: A Mod Remaster

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Now you might be asking, what is this ReLive thingy you are talking about, and why is it that important? To be clear with the problem, since the Instant Flashback came to continue and evolve the mod, I found out that most of assets are really outdated, some even from 2013 stage of development. That for sure is really weird. V2.0 will be a spiritual remaster of the mod, updating and changing nearly everything that you knew about the mod. New Soldiers, New Zombie Skins, Expanded Gamemodes and even more updates to every single part that mod offered. Comparing the V1.7 to current shape of V2.0, you can think that the mod is totally different to be honest. Even myself after looking back to previous version, I think that its been released ages ago.

That is it for the news
A lot of changes are coming to Project Zombie Strike 2014
It's a matter of time when the update is releasing for the mod
Don't forget to drop by our Discord Server for extra details:
This was Betamaxx
See you later

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